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10 must-have apps for your Smartphone in 2020 to get you up-to-date

Bought a new phone recently or want to make some changes to your old one?… Does a gazillion apps on the app store intimidate you?… Searching for an app that makes your day to day life easier by jotting down your thoughts on the go or entertains you when you have had a long and tiring day. Look no further… We have a solution to all your concerns in a single article. 

Doesn’t matter if you are an android user or IOS, there are plenty of apps in the market these days to fulfill all your requirements. So here we are with a short and concise list that will cover most of the essential apps that you might need in your day to day life. 

1. Pinterest


It is a social media app that helps you save and explore several ideas in the form of an image. Do you have a rough idea in your head and don’t know how the final product will look like?… This app will be your best friend in this scenario. It covers almost every possible thing that you can think of.

Thinking of renovating your house and need ideas…this app will be your best friend. Looking for motivational workout routines?… Pinterest will surely have an answer for you. Lovely images and recommendations will lure you to come back time and again for any inspiration that you might need.

2. Google maps


Gone are those days when you need to ask the directions of your destination from a random stranger walking along a roadside. No more getting out of the car to ask a tea- stall guy on the footpath, way to your destination. Finding a location is just a few clicks away.

This app will not only give you the shortest route to your desired location but also help you with the possible transportation options available. Google Maps is known for its accuracy and speed. 

3. Dropbox

Our current lifestyle is such that we have so much data which we need access to, at any point in time. Saving data locally on a hard drive is no more an option for such scenarios.


Hence this app pools in all your files and cloud content which can be accessed from any system that you desire. You can use it on your phone, tablet, or your laptop and save a file of almost any format. Dropbox is the most user-friendly application in the market when it comes to cloud storage apps. 

4. Netflix 

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. A long and tiring workday or a lazy Sunday, Netflix and chill is a constant state for humans these days. Providing a wide range of content, this has become a crowd favorite in a very short period.


With the convenience of no advertisement breaks, people have started watching the content of Netflix more than television. The vast variety and a user-friendly platform have caught the attention of the youth. 

5. HealthifyMe


It has been found by some researchers that 80% of our body is made up of what we eat and do not exercise. Work, Eat, sleep, repeat has made us turn our backs to our unhealthy routine. Absentmindedly hogging on the food has become the new normal.

To keep yourself fit and eat consciously, this app is a person’s savior. Just add all that you have consumed in a day and it will calculate the calorie intake of the person. After which you can decide based upon your goal what food you need to uptake to achieve your desired goal.

Maintaining a record of what you have eaten in a day will make you conscious and keep you motivated to eat healthily. 

6. Runkeeper


This app helps you track your walks, runs, and any other form of physical exercise. With a community of around 50 million users, this GPS app is suitable for novice as well as professionals. Depending upon your target, this app can help you plan a route for it and keep you motivated.

You can even get rewarded by completing your workout challenges. App has a clean user interface that provides you the option to enter information in two formats (km and miles). It comes with a huge list of features that can benefit you in several ways. 

7. Duolingo


Language is a means of communication between individuals. Having a barrier in the form of language can create a huge difference between the two sides and also create confusion.

This language app can be helpful in case you are planning to learn a new language or have lost touch with one that you learned a few years back. With almost 300 million users of the app, this app has the world’s largest collection of language-learning data. 

8. Splitwise


This is a life-saver if you have a huge group of friends and you hate calculations. Imagine going on a trip to Goa with a group of friends.

All of you spend money as and when required but now think of sitting down and calculating each person’s share at the end of the trip. It will be a mood spoiler and a tough task to do.

Instead, just add all the expenses paid by anyone and everyone, and don’t worry about the calculations. This app will simplify debts between individuals and give you a consolidated data which will tell you who owes how much to whom. Isn’t it a dream come true?

9. Inshorts


In this busy lifestyle where we don’t have enough time in the morning to start our day reading a newspaper, this app comes in handy.

It will keep you up-to-date with all that is going around you in the form of a short and concise paragraph about each topic. With the option to customize your feed, and a variety of news genres, this app will help you keep you on your toes. 

10. Kindle

Carrying a book around is not possible at all times. But having a book to read without having to carry it physically can be a blessing.


This app provides you access to more than 1 million books. Imagine reading a book and unconsciously closing it without putting a bookmark, it might take you several minutes to come back to the page you left last time, but kindle has an option of navigation mentioned at the bottom of the screen that lets you go back to the last read page instantly.

So if you like to read a book, a magazine or your daily newspaper, this app will come in handy. It has an in-built dictionary which will help you while reading and will make your reading experience much better.

It will help you read on various devices such as phone, tablet, or PC. It will help you save space in your house by not building up a huge stack of hard copies of the books. 


I hope this brief article will help you with the confusion that you might face organizing and using your phone. These were my top 10 picks but there are several other apps that one might need in their phone. I have not included the apps that you need for your cashless payments or your banking-related services because that depends on personal preference. Several social networking apps are also not covered in the article because that too depends on the preference of the individual. 



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