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15 telltale signs that a guy has a crush on you

Have you ever felt that a guy has a crush on you, but you couldn’t be sure enough because he hasn’t openly confessed to it yet? If he has a secret crush on you, he might not tell you that himself, but his body language and his demeanor, when he is around you, is bound to betray him. If you observe well, you notice that a guy who has a secret crush on you gives off a lot of unconscious telltale signals. 

When you try to observe these signs in a guy, keep in mind that it is the small things that matter the most. Read between the lines and recognize the subtleties to catch these signs. Also, take your time and observe things thoroughly. You do not want to rush into conclusions and risk embarrassing yourself and the other person. Let things keep rolling at their everyday pace while you try to look for these signals closely because it is during these everyday meetings and hanging out sessions that guys exhibit these signs. 

Given below are some of the most prominent signals a guy will unintentionally give you if he has a crush on you. Look out for them and find an answer to your question yourself. 

1. He listens to you attentively


If a guy has a crush on you, he will undoubtedly give you the feeling that he is hanging onto every word you say. He will give you his undivided attention and be an active listener. He will look focused on what you have to say and his facial expressions will provide you with the proof that he is just not sitting there but genuinely listening to you. 

2. He leans towards you

If a guy leans towards you while talking, it can signify that he wants to close that distance between you two, both emotionally and physically. This is an unconscious gesture on their part and shows that they are really into you. 

3. His pupils dilate

It is natural for our pupils to dilate if we see something we like, be it a person or be it even our favorite food. This is our brain’s natural response. So, if his pupils get huge when he is in your company, you know he is not faking his likeness for you. Remember what they say? Eyes don’t lie.

4. He maintains eye contact


As cliche as it sounds, if he is interested in you, he will look directly into your eyes while talking. This is his way of trying to form a deeper, more intimate connection with you. If he maintains eye contact with you, he is undoubtedly looking for something more than friendship with you. 

5. His feet are pointed in your direction

 If his feet point towards you, this is a telltale sign that he likes you. You can even check this signal by reaching in his direction or leaning towards him. If he is uninterested in you, he will shift sideways, making his toes turn away from you. This could mean that he is turning down your advances. 

6. He can’t stop smiling

If a guy can’t stop smiling or, better yet, grinning when he is in your company, it is a clear sign that they smite him with you. They like spending time with you and just being with you in general so much that they can not help their generous smile.

7. He often compliments you

The compliments might not be just about your looks or outfit and that what makes them special. He might mention casually amid a conversation that he likes your humor, your voice, or your intelligence, etc. This shows that he pays attention to every single detail about you and is attracted not just to your physical appearance but to the person you are.

8. He always tries his best to help you


If a guy likes you, helping you with even everyday things is his way of showing you that he cares for you and you can depend on him. His help may come in the form of dropping you home or listening to your problems or giving you advice on different topics. 

9. He touches you a lot but affectionately

This is not the kind of touch some wannabes and desperate people creep you out with. If a guy likes you, his touch will be affectionate and caring. He might hold your hand while crossing a road, chuck you under the chin tenderly, pick lint off your sweater, touch you back when you two walk through a door, etc. 

10. He is interested in knowing your relationship status

If he likes you, he will leave no stones unturned to know your relationship status. If he doesn’t ask you, he will ask your friends or do some snooping around of his own. This will tell him if you are open to dating or not. 

11. He touches his throat

Touching one’s throat is read as a sign of nervousness or vulnerability. If a guy adjusts his tie or his collar in your presence, this might mean he gets nervous around you because he is afraid he might make even a minor mistake and ruin your impression of him. 

12. He is a perfect gentleman around you

Does not matter how he is with his homies and other friends, he will be nothing but an absolute gentleman when he is around you. His voice will soften, his demeanor will change, his attention will get fixated on you, etc. as this is his way of making you feel special and loved.

13. He tilts his head while listening to you


This might just be the cutest and most adorable look he gives you while he listens to you talk. This tilting of his head signifies his curiosity for what you have to tell him and shows that it completely absorbs him in the conversation.

14. He will do away with as many interruptions as possible

If a guy has a crush on you, he would want to focus all his attention on you. This means he will either put his phone on silent or might put it away completely, he will not interrupt you while you are telling him something, and he will not keep glancing around the room looking unfocused and uninterested. When he is with you, you are the center of his time and attention. 

15. He likes to tease you playfully

Playful teasing and cheerful banter are two of the subtle forms of flirting. It might be hard to read at times, but if he teases you about silly stuff and likes to pick on you, it means he likes you enough that he does not mind letting himself loose around you. This playfulness means that he is comfortable in letting his guard down in your company. 

These are some signs that can tell you if a guy has a crush on you or not. If a guy is crushing on you, he will inevitably show most of these signs and you just have to observe them closely. In case the feeling is mutual, go ahead and reciprocate!



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