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7 Natural ways to deal with your period pain and cramps

What makes periods exasperating is that, apart from feeling uneasy and squeamish, deal with the excruciating pain and abdominal cramps. Most of the women hate when their calendar shows that it is that time of the month and they would have to go through the painstaking-monthly ordeal again. Going through the menstrual cycle is a biological phenomenon where the uterus contracts, helping the blood flow out of your body.

This contraction in your uterus makes you experience cramps during periods. Some women, while talking about period cramps, say that they feel like someone is constantly punching their gut. Sometimes, this pain can be so severe that it inhibits the person from even getting out of their beds.

To deal with this pain, many women like to take painkillers. This is the most common and widespread method used by women to treat their pain. But apart from this, there are other natural ways too that can help you deal with cramps and period pain. Not only have the natural methods of pain management proven to be very effective and soothing, but they also help you avoid any side effects that some painkillers might have.

Here are a few natural ways that you can try to ease down your cramps and period pain: 

1. Hot water bags or heating pads


Usage of hot water bags or heating pads is the most convenient and soothing hack to deal with your period cramps. Nothing feels as soothing as lying down on your bed and putting a heating pad or hot-water bag on your stomach. The warmth helps release the tension in the muscles. It is very comforting and relaxing. A study published in BMC Women’s Health found that putting 40-degree Celsius heat on the affected area is as good as taking a painkiller. Other than this, taking a hot shower is also very comforting and stress releasing. 

2. Have a hot cup of lemon and ginger tea

Ginger helps with the pain while lemon helps with the feeling of nausea. Having a hot cup of lemon and ginger tea will help in reducing the pain just like a hot-water bag does, except it will work from inside. Drinking this tea while experiencing excruciating pain will immediately help soothe your insides. It will surprise you to see how effective and fast this hack is. This tea is also good for your health. Apart from helping with the pain, its essence and refreshing feeling will revive your dreary mood during the period. 

3. Give massages to yourself


If you are going through stomach cramps, try massaging your stomach for twenty minutes. It has been scientifically proven that this helps in lessening the amount of pain. You can also take it up a notch and apply essential oils on your stomach while massaging it. The oil will have a calming feeling along with the soothing sense of its aroma. Remember to mix the essential oil with a carrier oil as it can be very concentrated. Diluting essential oil with coconut oil or olive oil works best in reducing period pain through a massage. This method requires nothing more than your bare hands, making it one of the easiest natural remedy for cramps. 

4. Drink lots of water

A major reason for abdominal pain can be the discomfort you feel while you are on your periods. Bloating is natural for women during periods. This leads to discomfort in the abdomen. To avoid this discomfort and pain always drink a sufficient amount of water daily. Be extra mindful of this when you are about to get your periods as it can help a lot with the bloating. Drink at least eight to ten glasses of water daily. If you are a forgetful person, keep a bottle near your bed. This will work as a reminder that you need to keep yourself hydrated. Drinking plenty of fluids helps you stay fit as well.

5. Self-acupressure to relieve pain

Acupressure is an old Chinese method that helps cure body pain. Doctors have confirmed that self-acupressure is a very effective method of releasing tension and pain from your body. Putting pressure on certain parts of the body helps reduce period pain too. Its effect can be experienced until two hours after doing acupressure on your body. You have two pressure points in your hands- one is at the base of your thumb and the other is at the base of your index finger. Press these points, holding them down for two seconds, alternatively. Practice this for five minutes and then repeat the same on your other hand. This will help you deal with period cramps. If you keep practicing it, the pain will go away completely.

6. Eat the right food


You should avoid eating junk during your periods. Eating the right food can help diminish the pain caused by cramps. Foods like tomatoes, bell peppers, and cherries are anti-inflammatory and very effective in dealing with period cramps. You can also eat freshwater fish and leafy vegetables to ease the pain. Try to have a balanced diet along with a calcium-rich diet during your periods to reduce the pain. Rather than inculcating healthy eating habits just during your periods, taking a balanced diet all year round will be beneficial in the long run. It is can work magic for your body and overall health. 

7. Stay away from coffee

Many women have experienced that saying no to caffeine during periods helps in keeping the pain in check. We also find caffeine in sodas, energy drinks, and chocolates. Try to avoid such food items during your periods. Instead of them, have smoothies and juices made with green leafy vegetable and fresh fruits if want to have some beverage. This is an excellent alternative for your daily beverage too, as it has anti-oxidants that detox your body. 

Period pain can be reduced by using some natural ways also instead of just relying on medicines. Relying on medicines is not good for your health in the long run. Some of these medicines have some side effects too. It is definitely not healthy to pop a pill every time you experience cramps and yet, people do it often. You can rather use these natural ways to deal with your pain more sustainably and effectively.   



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