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Abuse, Love and The Purity of the Soul

“I don’t understand why I allow it to proceed so long as I did. I figure I loved them.” How often have we tried to locate the voice to assist? Since they realize their love had not been enough from coming apart.

One question always pops up, the most challenging to answer: “How do I walk out when I like someone? How can I let go with all the promises and words we still did not fulfill?” It is most important of all to love yourself.

Punches, betrayals, and lies do not love you. They are there to make you miserable and betrayed. They are there to hurt your soul.

But, one factor of the spiritual teaching of love frequently goes awry and unheard. The facet which instructs and compels us to love unconditionally.

The heavenly nature of one another, more than simple flesh and bones we see. Of this other, also that educates us to get to safeguard them from injury, loss, and diminished.

Yet this can be a significant facet to think about, part of our comprehension of love which may help us. Handle our love and our worry and that could empower us to love our selves. Go away out of their world of influence – without any remorse, without any guilt, and with no dire feeling.

We all have our struggles, and sometimes in worse or better, sickness and health are not enough. Among the tenets with comprehension and the teaching of love sometimes we are hurt.

Lots of the non-violent spiritual sects and religions accept no level of violence. Due to the no level of violence or force is safe to inflict on the others.

Their aim or good the sought-after outcome, pretending they violate their own hands. The pole they chose upward to attack their brother.

Aikido, a version of this fighting style, chooses this on its logical end. It is teaching cries, blocks, and holds, offering the student no other skills.


They can’t use the knowledge to attack or injure, but those wanted to reduce the chances of attack.

That is one component of this process to love that’s rarely known.

It’s of immense significance – which by preventing our attacker out of damaging us.

We aren’t preventing problems for our souls but we are safekeeping the attacker.

By allowing someone to mistreat us we are harming ourselves. We have to move from such situations. Nobody deserves to be mistreated.

We all deserve a chance in life and if we are going to let people treat us with disrespect, we won’t ever be happy. As we wouldn’t let a young kid injure itself we have to not allow our excitement and our weakness to injury us.

Should we love them, then we owe it into the authentic “them” the core flicker of celestial energy. We have to remove ourselves from such situations.

If the feeling of abuse is anywhere near us, it is time to go. From learning how to love another so much we are eager to head to loneliness and loss. We have to preserve our spirit and keep it healthy.

Being lonely is hard, but abuse is worse. Sometimes it is the hardest thing to let go. But, it is better to collect your thoughts on your own and develop into a better person. Someone new in your life will appreciate it.


Anamarija Jesenovic
Anamarija Jesenovic
I am a passionate 31 years old single mum. Artist, writer, and magician of life itself. I am a very positive and outgoing person with great plans for the future. I speak 4 languages, I proofread, I write short stories, articles and paint in free time. I enjoy life in the fullest. I would like my readers to find themselves in my stories and articles, maybe find a piece of advice or two. If I changed one person’s life, I have changed the entire world.


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