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Happy Friendship day 2020 | All about Friends and Friendship

 Have you ever wondered how would the world look like without friends? Difficult to imagine isn’t it?… Humans are social beings and are programmed to work in an environment where they interact and socialize with people around them. Sometimes these casual interactions lead to the formation of an unseen bond called friendship. 

This bond existing between humans have several characteristics let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Affection/love

There is an unsaid and often unexpressed love in this relationship. Friendship can also be defined as a relationship with Phila. Phila is a Greek word that translates to brotherly love. 


2. Telepathy

Have you ever thought about your friend for some reason throughout the day and end up getting a call from them in the evening?. If yes, then you are used to this concept. You guys don’t need to talk to each other to understand the things that are going on in each other’s heads. 

3. Empathy

If you have a really good friend then it is normal to experience that your friend’s enemy becomes your enemy by default. You tend to understand and feel the pain and suffering of your true friend.


4. Encouragement

Your friend would know you better than you know yourself. Hence when you get tired and start thinking about giving up, you need a friend who can make you realize your potential and pushes you to keep going. 

5. Honesty

You can probably get away with lying to your parents but you can rarely lie to a true friend. Also, you can easily figure out when the other person is lying in friendship due to the bond that you share. 


6. Trust

This is a silent principle in friendship. You blindly trust your best friend. Even when a decision sounds illogical, a true friend puts his trust in the friend and supports him no matter what. 

7. Altruism

Yes, sometimes in a friendship one needs to sacrifice to help out a friend. This strong relationship leads to a situation where you wouldn’t even think twice before helping out a friend even if meant sacrificing yourself in some way. 

8. Forgiving

Humans are bound to make mistakes. It is important that we accept each other’s mistakes and forgive them and vice-versa. Not holding a grudge against your friend for something that was done by mistake probably a year back, is a sign of good friendship.

9. Dependability


There are both good and bad days in one’s life. A true friend is always true to his words and is dependable in the sense that he would be present to support a friend in need anywhere anytime. Dependency certainly doesn’t imply that you always hang out with this one person or restrict your friend to be limited to your friendship. 

10. Independence

Last but certainly not the least quality is having freedom in the relationship. Friends should understand that even the closest friend of yours needs a private space and time for themself. It is not necessary to always be with your friends and demand attention. Friendship doesn’t demand such things. 

Since we have read about the characteristics of a good friend now let’s see a few types of friends who may have one or more of the above-mentioned traits. 

1. A polar opposite one


Friendship can be like a sea-saw. You need the other person to keep you grounded. Your friend and you might not have the common taste in food or might not have the same temperament, but it is the contrast between you both that keeps the friendship fun. You both might have very different interests, so being in this friendship would help you to try out new things and explore new fields. If you surround yourself with people who have the same ideas, hobbies, and opinions, you will not be able to explore the world beyond your own. 

2. A loyal one

The saying may be very old “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. But it holds for all friendships. Do you have a friend who can shut people’s mouths who are bitching behind your back?… Then you are sorted for life. Cherish this friend as they are rare in this world. A real friend is one who enters your life and stays with you when the entire world plans to walk out of it. 

3. Nursery buddy


This is that person whom you know since the ultimate archaic era. You have known each other since the first day at school and have seen each other at their best and their worst. You are almost like siblings. You end up sharing each other’s wardrobe and don’t even remember the things that you might have borrowed from each other. 

4. A work pal

It is good to keep your work life and your personal life separate but you need a friend at your workplace whom you can share your problems with and even bitch about the boss (just kidding!). This person will be the best one to understand your work-related problems and help you out with the same. 

5. A wise mentor


A mentor is someone who can guide you whenever necessary. Having or receiving guidance from teachers and faculties may not be the best solution to your problem. Sometimes, a very close friend who is your mentor might know you better than you know yourself. Therefore in making serious decisions for your life, this person can play a major role and guide you to a successful path. 

6. A brutally honest one

Friendship involves honesty between people. Calling out each other in case they do something wrong. It is good to defend your friend but you shouldn’t cover-up your buddy in case he/she does something wrong. Sometimes it is good to show the truth to your friend and then even if they ignore it, be with them in case it backfires them and they need you. 

7. The shopping buddy


Shopping doesn’t only mean going and buying new stuff. It is a process that people enjoy, sometimes more than the result. Having a great shopping buddy who can be honest with you as well as help you out with the dilemma of choosing outfits, is a blessing. It is always more enjoyable to have a fun company while shopping.

8. The champion

We all have that one friend who is great at everything. Be it sports or academics, they excel in all the fields. You always look up to them for inspiration and they help you out with your problems. 

Having said so much about friends and friendships, we all might have hit nostalgia and have gotten reminded of our friends who were always by your side when the times were tough. We all are fortunate enough to have such amazing people in our lives whom we can trust and depend on when we need them and also help them out in case they need our help. 


Friendship is a two-way street which no barrier in between. So help each other out and grow as you go!



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