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Britney Spears requests the court to reject her father’s pick for co-conservator, her legal docs say she’s ‘done performing’ for the time being

In her new court filings, the 38-year-old pop icon Britney Spears has stated that, at least for now, she is done with live performances. This revelation came amid the intensifying battle between the singer and her father Jamie Spears’ battle over her ongoing conservatorship.

According to TMZ, Britney’s father tried to bring back Andrew Wallet as a co-conservator but she does not want that. Andrew Wallet had held this job from 2008-2019. Britney’s father Jamie has called her disapproval of Wallet’s appointment fallacious and has urged the courts to hold a hearing to set down the facts in his own legal documents.

Meanwhile, Britney has stated in her documents that she does not plan to do any live performances anytime soon. It is still not clear if her decision is just for the near future or longer. Although, the singer did say that without that cash flow, she will have to be more careful with her expenses and she will have to make ‘difficult budgetary choices going forward.’

Britney further revealed that by bringing Wallet back as his co-conservator, her father is ignoring her needs to conserve her money.

The singer said that Wallet has earned millions of dollars in past years in his job of managing her estate, a role he was ‘uniquely unsuited’ for. She revealed that Wallet used to earn close to half a million each year in his last five years on the job. Moreover, he had also obtained an additional amount of $100,000 after resigning in March 2019.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the live performances are almost impossible to be held. Because of this lack of opportunity to perform live, Britney’s revenue has already seen a decreased. She does not want to get it even lower by letting her father reappoint Wallet and paying him his salary.

The singer had also stated, once in the past, that a larger financial institution would be able to do a better job os serving as her father’s co-conservator. At the moment, her father is the only conservator over her person and her business affairs.

Despite making attempts to removing her father as a conservator over her person, she could not succeed in doing so. Her fans displayed their constant support throughout her recent legal struggles. They even organized a #FreeBritney movement. Her fans believe that the singer is being held hostage by her caretakers and hence, they are trying to get her conservatorship ended or lessened.

Earlier in the month, Britney’s lawyer had also expressed his support for the movement. Britney has recently been making attempts to unseal the documents of the court so that the public can see them too.



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