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Changing Mindset- A journey of self analysis…

Whenever we get or achieve success, we easily accept it and become ignorant about the past.

Yes, in many success stories we mostly come across the good work, and the dark past remains behind the curtain. Now if we talk about the success stories, then it is certain that there might be a dark chapter also somewhere behind the success. Which actually defines our real character. What we are and what we were?

Now this question might sound a bit weird to many those people, who are now in the list of top successful people. And for many, it may be another TRP business for his or her process of success.

success failure

But there is one more category, where people get success, and they carry it to a certain limit. And after reaching to a certain stage of success, that person fails to manage the success and surrenders his or her entire life.

In today’s date or if I say the young generation (won’t be wrong to take the example of the young generation) or those who have just started their lives in creating his or her popularity, somewhere forgetting the basic training of their mindset. So that they can control the mind when there is a bad phase or a good phase or maybe something beyond the good or bad phase.

Before I start my journey of this write-up, I would like you all to recall your childhood days. And relate yourself with my approach of “CHANGING MINDSET, a journey of self-analysis “.

But when you recall it, there shouldn’t be anything else in your mind. And I have a reason behind this act.

Now when you start recalling your childhood days, what you see in front of you.

Certainly a happy human being!

childhood days

But, now if I say where this happy human being got lost in the so-called human race. Then what would be your REACTION!

Actually, we all are living our lives with some or the other similarities with each other. And in all this, the most interesting fact is very disheartening. But inspite of all, this we call ourselves the most satisfied human being.

After recalling our childhood one thing is very clear and that is we all are loosing our inner self with every passing day. And showing our artificial smiling faces to the outer world. So whatever we are doing or pretend to be, is it justified or just trying to live.

I don’t think so, because I strongly believe that whatever may be our situation or the circumstances, at the end of the day we sit and repent. And that is the time, where we are real. No artificial feeling is there, and we just follow our inner feeling.

Here, I would also like to recall the recent past tragic death (suicidal act) by a very famous Bollywood actor SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT, he committed suicide. And the reason was his depression.

Till now I hope, you are all able to relate with my words and the most important, what I want to express.

depression and skeleton

Yeah! I am trying to make you realize. That whatever life or the character we are living, is it becoming a cause of death maybe sooner or later. And if so, then why it is happening.

From this point, we really need to analyze our both inner and outer self respectively and this act will actually tell us about our real character. And believe me; if this act is done by sincere efforts then that day won’t be far enough. Where we start a stress free lives.

But, by just saying that from now, I will change my mindset. Is it enough to motivate to start the process of changing mindset or train the mind?

No! It’s not enough to motivate. Then what should be the process involved, so that we are able to train our mind and change the mindset completely for the betterment of our surroundings as well as our own self?

If, you remember that in my previous paragraph, I had asked you all to recall our childhood days. And while recalling the childhood days, you all just saw a real character of yourself without any impurities.

Now, if you had observed very carefully about the process of recalling your childhood. Then I am very sure that understanding how to change mindset, would be a lot easier for you all.

Allow me to press the rewind button, one more time and ask you another question?

That when you were just a kid, whatever you did ( here I am not talking about wrong or right acts)

I am just asking, about doing the things. And once done, what was the reaction of our parents or grandparents? Yes, Absolutely right. They mostly told us repeatedly this is wrong and this is right and nothing else. We kept on listening to the same lines from morning to night till we slept.

thinking kids

And once we slept, our mind continued the process of rewinding and playing the lines of our parents. This process is happening 24*7, sometimes in our conscious state of mind and sometimes in our unconscious state of mind.

In scientific terms, we call this process “Development of Understanding without questioning”. Because, somewhere we start understanding, but without asking any question to our parents or grandparents that why it is right or wrong?

life stages

Now with the time, when we grew up old enough, and start a journey of adult followed by different phases of life. We continue the process of understanding without questioning…neither to self nor to anyone who is actually ruling our mind.

Here, I will not say that the process of understanding is the wrong method. Because understanding makes our mind, our relationships, most importantly our doing more clear. But if the understanding is without question, then it may not be the right direction.

So coming to the most important, part of my write up. That how to make our understanding a better way of training our mindset which can change us as well as our perception towards our living a life with a positive mindset.

See, the process is very simple and hardly includes any complicated acts. We just need to sit quietly and tell to our inner self few lines,

sitting quietly

1. Listen, this what you are doing is not right. The reason, it is taking me to a path where everyone is leaving me alone.

2. I will try to learn from my mistakes and also try not to repeat mistakes. So that my action gets the right direction for a better result.

3. Till now whatever I did, I have to change it, from now onward whatever I will do, it has to be different.

Once you initiate the process of understanding with questioning, I assure you gradually you will be able to train your mind and begin a journey of changing mindset with more clarity.

Before I end my write-up, I would also like to advise all, that once you start a new journey. Keep in mind one thing. And that is ” Every good change takes time, so do not stop the process “.

With this hope, that my this write-up will somehow motivate the living with understanding the concept of basic knowledge about our all doing.

inspirational motivation


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