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Everything a woman need in her first make-up kit!

If you’ve just begun to delve into the makeup world, feeling intimidated by the number of items in the makeup aisle is only natural. But you have nothing to worry about as this article will start the conversation right from the basics. To create your makeup bag from scratch, you need a bunch of makeup essentials. And the best part is, using these products often doesn’t need any crazy makeup expertise.

Here is a list of some of the essential cosmetics for your newbie makeup kit. But before you get to it, here is a small tip- wash your face and apply some moisturizer before putting your makeup on. This will make the makeup stay longer. 

1. NYX High Glass Face Primer

Wondering what a primer is? It is that sheer liquid that many of us miss at first. If you can take some time out to apply it, it will secure your makeup in place. And all of us want our makeup to hold on to our face for an extra mile, right? These magical creams also have some significant skin benefits. Remember, good makeup starts with good skin. 

The primer I use is NYX High Glass Face Primer. It hydrates your skin and is so lightweight that you don’t even feel its presence on your face. It ensures a flawless base for your makeup. I recommend this product to people with oily skin. It makes skin look silkier and smoother. People with dry skin can try Colorbar Perfect Match Primer

2. A Super Concealer

When it comes to hiding dark circles, a concealer works like a charm. It is only a temporary fix but at least, you can fully mask them till the time you finally get rid of them permanently. Hence, a concealer is one of the essential items in your stash of cosmetics. 

If you want to make it quick to sound like a couple of days lacking makeup, you can use your concealer to spot to end up looking perfect and throwing it on anyway.

Finding a concealer that’s right for you can be a little tricky. Before making your choice, you need to weigh a few things such as its quality, thickness, and how long it lasts. Depending on what suits your needs the best, you can pick from a jelly, a powder, or a stick concealer. 

I would recommend trying Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum ConcealerIt conceals dark circles flawlessly and looks very natural when worn. And not only that, you can use it hid pimples as well. I generally apply a little moisturizer before applying conture so that my skin does not look dry and pale after applying the concealer. 

3. A Basic Flattering Eyeshadow


If you want to make your eyebrows look elegant, all you need is an eyeshadow palette. Much like your favorite pair of jeans, this palette is a must for a novice to learn the eyeshadow application technique.

The thing about this palette is that it consists of all the shades you may need to create a flawless natural look with the help of makeup. It’s incredibly flexible and never goes out of style. The ideal daytime eyeshadow should only be a few shades darker than your skin color — imagine about darker skin a soft plum or light peach, medium skin taupey-grey or golden beige, or fair skin light apricot. 

For the perfect shade of eyeshadow, try the Naked 3 PaletteI’ve been using this product for the no-makeup makeup look! It has several nude shades for natural-looking makeup. This palette is also very helpful if you want to go with smokey eyes look for your date night. Plus, I have very sensitive skin. I use this product as there are no side effects too. 

4. A Wing Liner


Eyeliner is an indispensable part of every stylish look, be it an intricate cat-eye look or a realistic look that requires only bare minimum eyeliner. If you are not very experienced at applying it, it’s better to start with a pencil eyeliner before going on to a liquid one. Eyeliners are something you positively need to find room for in your small makeup bag. 

I have been using Colorbar All Matte Eyeliner for a long time now. It is easy to use, and the formulation itself is creamy, durable, and water-resistant. And the best part? No parabens. No mineral-oils. No formaldehyde. Hence, it is best for sensitive skins. 

5. Blush it up


If you want the natural blush look all the time, this is one makeup product that will pop up your cheeks. No one can go wrong with the right shade of blush. Go to your nearest cosmetic showroom and get the perfect pink shade for the apples of your cheeks. And if you want a natural look, try a lighter shade and skip the shimmers. It will stick out whenever you’ll shine.

I personally recommend the Cheekillusion Blush from Colorbar. It gives your cheeks a touch of cherry and makes them pop out. Plus, it will add a little shine to your cheeks so they pop out with your smile. It looks super subtle and is very easy to use. 

6. Clump-Free Mascara


Mascara, of course, is a must. it stacks up high as a desert island option for all of us. A mascara will transform your eyes with its magic wand and immediately spice up your lashes with more volume, shape, and intensity. It’s the one beauty product that can help your eyes look fresh in the morning, even if you haven’t had your 8 hours of beauty sleep. Remember to notice things such as the brush shape and what the formula is intended to do when you select a mascara.

I would recommend using Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof MascaraIt instantly adds volume to your eye-lashes and the best part is that it is waterproof. So you don’t have to worry about it getting smudged end ending up with a black eye. 

7. A perfect Nude Lipstick


No kit is perfect without a super versatile nude lipstick ready to take you day to night.The right shade of the lipstick not only helps brighten the face but also keeps it from looking washed out. The options are endless when it comes to lip color. Some of them are too dark while some are too rosy. Trying to find the one nude hue that lets a bare face pop is futile? Nude is not one-size-fits-all. 

Personally, I love the MAC Nude Lipstick range when it comes to neutral shades. I have been using its nude shade for a long time now. It goes well with everything and doesn’t even dry my lips up. Plus, it stays for almost 4 hours and does not leave any stains on the glass, because that can be embarrassing. 

8. The right set of Make-up Brushes


The way your makeup turns out depends a great deal on the brushes you use. You don’t need to include a million brushes in your makeup bag as a starter. Rather, starting with a few simple brushes is just fine. You don’t see experienced makeup artists using the small sponge applicators that come with the products. Hence, invest in a decent brush set. 

I use the Sephora brush set. It has an excellent selection in all price ranges. They are very soft on your skin and so smooth that you will love the brush strokes. Also, it blends the makeup perfectly and is very easy to use. And if someone is looking for a less expensive brush set, they can try the Vega brush set. It is available on Amazon. The brushes are a bit too poky but blend the makeup perfectly.  

9. Q-Tips and Makeup Wipes


Experts make errors and dabbing a Q-Tip into lotion is how they undo these mistakes. Beauty wipes will be your best friend on those nights when you’re too tired to wash your make-up. They are filled with a pre-measured quantity of gentle, soothing lotion that flows to the swab as you fix errors by snapping the edge. Neutrogena Cleansing Fragrance-Free Makeup Remover Facial Wipes is the one that you may go with.

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