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Happily ever After

Marriage is an occasion of joy and the beginning of a beautiful relationship. When two people meet and decide to spend their whole life with each other, they get married.

Wedding rituals are performed in various ways in different religions. In every religion, marriage is fantastic as it gives wings to your love life. Love marriage and Arrange marriage are the two different routes to getting married.

In love marriage, we choose our partner ourselves whom we love but on the other side in an arranged marriage, our families choose our life partner.

In arrange marriage, parents try to find a suitable match in their community and perform the wedding functions in their own religious or traditional way.

In love marriages, there are many issues- sometimes family does not accept your decision, caste problem, religion problem. So the couple goes against their families and takes the step of court marriage, because they choose their partner they have to leave their families, sometimes family accept it and sometimes they do not. It is unacceptable if it is against the family.

There are always two sides to a coin. Like, in love marriages, couples know each other well so they have a good understanding but in most of the arranged marriages, partners do not know or a little know about each other so they find it difficult for at least sometime after they get married. It takes time to indulge or being comfortable with each other.

In love marriages, sometimes couples do not give that much time to each other as they have before, because after marriage they need to work or earn for their survival which causes frustration sometimes which helps in spoiling the relation.

What is your opinion about love marriages or arranged marriages?

Which is more successful?

Which one do you support?

As I am married for 4 years. We took the route of arranged marriage. Our family approves our relation when they find us compatible with each other. We experienced much more after our marriage. Everything seems to change after marriage.

Two different persons live together by accepting each other’s likes and dislikes. There is a life-long commitment.

It allows us the opportunity to grow our age with our spouse and children. The two co-operate with each other in every field. We learn to share our personal feelings or things with each other.

Wedding day. Hands in hands of newlywed couple.

We have a very adorable daughter with this beautiful marriage. We always try to fulfill each other’s wishes. Celebrates our every special day together with love and affection. We support each other in every situation.

Parents and their children are looking at camera.

The starting phase of our marriage was a little difficult as we did not know each other well. With time we learned to read each other’s minds. Now, we know everything about each other. We ask each other’s opinions on every decision. We have the understanding and trust which is the key to a successful marriage.

For a successful marriage, there should be respect, tolerance, and responsibility. Marriage demands the active participation of both the partners in striving for harmony and success in family life.

Whether it is love marriage or arrange marriage mutual understanding and co-operation are essential to foster the goals of a successful marriage.

People assume that the marriages made in heaven and their partner is a gift of God. So, they try their best to live it together as a team until death separates them.

But Nowadays, divorce rates are rising. Divorce is a major storm in a couple’s life which fades out all the happy memories of their life. It is an unexpected milestone in a couple’s life. Divorce is the worst and hurtful battle of life.

Divorce can ruin your child’s life as it is a flower of your love which blossom when you both are together. There are various negative impacts of Divorce on the family and kids especially.

Various facts spoil the marriages i.e., Ego, Arrogance, Impatient, Anger, fights, Aggression, Attitude, etc.

Because of their ego, they don’t think about their family, their love, and even for their kids. This ego, attitude spoils the whole future of the family. As I am not saying to live their relationship as a burden for the whole life. But one should give a chance to their marriage to regain its energy of love to spread fragrance once again. One should try some simple rules or alternatives which can save a marriage.

Here are some:

1. Give some extra We time to each other.

2. Go out for dinner with your partner once in a week or a month at least.

3. Indulge yourself in helping each other. Appreciate them.

4. Greet each other with a smile and hug when he/she comes home from his/her work.

5. Try to listen to each other’s point of view over the reason of your quarrel.

6. Never stop talking to each other, as talk always helps. Do not ignore the problems.

7. Try to get him/her agree on your decision but don’t pressurize. As two persons can have two different opinions about the same thing.

8. You can plan a holiday with both families, as the family plays a major role in a strong marriage.

9. If you do not agree with each other, then try to talk to the family about the issue, as parents have more experienced, they can guide well.

10. Never let any stranger decide about your life.

11. Do not doubt your partner ever, if you have any doubt then talk to each other first.

12. Never let down your partner in front of your friends or colleagues. Treat your partner as your priority.

13. Kids are your strength and need you more than you need each other, so rethink about your kids and how much you love them. Kids are the symbol of your love. So, with them regenerate your love once again.

14. Try to praise each other.

15. Try to be friends first, because with friends we can share our feelings with an open heart.

16. Weekends must be reserve for your spouse and family.

17. Share your thoughts and opinions and accept your partner’s feelings.

18. Be mature and control your anger, as your anger can hurt your partner.

19. Be supportive.

20. Figure out the issues and try to resolve it together.

21. Understand your role in this marriage.

22. Do not expect much from your partner.

23. Always remember the good things about your marriage.

24. Sorry is the biggest and much effective word in a relationship. Forgiveness is worth a shot for both of you.

25. Compromise is the biggest part of a marriage. It does not mean to compromise your life, but sometimes it is to agree for your partner’s happiness. If you make your partner happy then you also feel happy. Love is a compromise between two hearts which beats for the love.

26. You can try a new look or change your appearance to attract your partner. Take better care of yourself.

27. Be honest and trustworthy to your partner.

28. Do not compare your marriage with another couple as it can create a disaster in your life.

There is never be too late to save a marriage from divorce.


Try your best to save the love of your life. Marriage is a vocation to holiness. Marriage is work and every couple has the awesome task of witnessing God’s faithful love to each other, their children, and their society.

No couple does this with perfection and everyone needs help when love feels strained and the going gets tough.

All marriages can grow in knowledge, faith, joy, and love.




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