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How does Your Body start to change in Your 30s

Your thirties are the time when you finally start to settle. All the hustle that you do in your 20s slows down in your 30s. Weekends are longer for parties. Tinder dates get bidden goodbye. You finally become a mature adult in your 30s. Your responsibilities towards your kids and old parents tend to increase. So, the thirties are far from a cake-walk. Moreover, your body, too, experiences many changes after the age of 30. 

What are these changes? 

Listed below are 5 of the changes that your body goes through at the age of 30:

1. Your metabolism slows down


Ever heard someone say they could eat whatever they wanted in their 20s without gaining an ounce but not anymore? Why does that happen? It happens because your metabolism slows down after the age of 30. Added inches on your waist is the fallout of slower metabolism. Click To Tweet Do not panic, with proper diet and exercise, you can be back in shape. This is the time for some weight training to build more muscle mass. Therefore, do not wait until new years to hit the gym, start now. Start your day with warm water containing some drops of fresh lemon to increase your metabolism.

2. Your bone mass shrink


Unfortunately, the 30s is the finishing point of the production of bone mass. Your bone mass is going to decrease once you hit your thirties. Chances of bone fractures increase with shallow bone mass. But you do not need to worry yourself over this. With the proper intake of calcium-rich food and supplements, you can maintain your bone mass. Start drinking a glass of milk every day. Try eating more greens such as broccoli, okra, and cabbage. Other calcium-rich foods include tofu, cheese, and soya. Shake your body with regular exercise. Weight training is the key to gaining bone mass. 

3. Your hormones start to reduce


Hormones eventually lessen once you enter your thirties. Your body stops growing as your growth-hormone starts to fade in your thirties. The level of estrogen also decreases, which can sometimes lead to pre-menopause. Unwanted mood swings, weight gain, slower metabolism are the results of reduced hormones in the body. Remember, you are what you eat. Feed your body more protein, fiber, and required vitamins. Say goodbye to junk food with complex carbs. Keep your diet healthy and light. Reduce your sugar intake; resort to natural sweeteners like jaggery and brown sugar to save your body from the hormonal shocks. 

4.   Do not panic if you see grey hair

credit: thestatesman

Do not be surprised to notice grey hair, even down there. With age, the production of melanin declines. Melanin is a dark brown or black substance responsible for your hair and skin color. Waxing is your safest option to get rid of grey hair. Even hair loss is more in the 30s. Well, you can still have thick and soft hair provided you follow the right diet and lifestyle. Regularly oil your scalp and give them protein by smashing some eggs on your scalp for nourishment and growth. Quit smoking. Consume vitamin-rich food and get proper sleep. 

5. Facial changes


One’s face ages as they grow older. When you hit 30, collagen and elastin decrease. They are two of the several essential nutrients that keep skin tight and glowing. Hence, there will be fine lines, wrinkles, and the skin will slowly start to sag as you hit your 30s. Changes in the bone tissues are called bone resorption. It also affects the skull. Have you noticed, as one grows older, their face and nose grow bigger? It is because of bone resorption. 

You can always slow down the process of aging by keeping a healthy lifestyle. It should include a balanced diet, a proper sleep cycle, and an exercise routine. Moisturize your face regularly and use sunscreen while going out. Use supplements like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C serum. Use anti-aging home remedies like coffee scrub and egg white face pack. Lastly, always keep a check on your mental health. Stress largely contributes to wrinkles and aging. You can also know more about the skincare routine.

Mentioned above are some of the changes that the body goes through once a person turns 30. All you have to do is take care of your body both internally as well as externally. Always have a healthy lifestyle. You do not need to spend on expensive aging treatments as some changes in your lifestyle can give you the results. Avoid smoking and consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol. Facial yoga can keep the skin from sagging too much and too fast. Lastly, and most importantly, always keep a check on your mental well-being.



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