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How to deal with mood swings during periods

Mood swings are common while Pmsing one or two weeks before your periods and even during periods. Many of us can feel angry, irritated, or sometimes even depressed during our periods. As if the cramps and body aches were not bad enough, we also have to deal with the mood swings that come with them. During such days, you might wake up perfectly fine, but within one or two hours of waking up, you might end up feeling annoyed for no reason at all. Experiencing sudden and drastic mood swings is completely natural during periods.

These period mood swings might leave you feeling irritated and frustrated with yourself as they can a lot to handle. It might also make the people around you feel exasperated with you. But there are a few ways that can help you not feel so terrible about yourself. It would not make your mood swings go away completely, but it can make it better and easier to handle. So do yourself and the surrounding people a favor and follow these hacks to deal with your mood swings.

Follow these easy hacks and make your periods a little less terrible. So here are some ways that can help you deal with mood swings during your periods: 

1. Feed your body calcium supplements


During a clinical trial, we found it that food items that contain high amounts of calcium can help a person with her mood swings. We find calcium in food items like milk, yogurt, cheese, and even some leafy vegetables. Consuming these food products can help you curb the feelings of irritability, sadness, and anxiety.

The study also mentioned that one might not see the results right away but, one should not lose hope. They say this method to work best if you take calcium supplements regularly or at least take them some days before the date you get your periods on. 

2. Do not just lie on bed all day long, do exercise

During periods, most of us dislike getting out of our comfy beds. We just want to lie on our beds and get through periods without having to move. But this will make you feel worse, and lying does not help with mood swings. Try to get out of bed and exercise for at least half an hour, if not more. It will genuinely help you feel better.

When you exercise, your body releases endorphins that help in combating period mood swings. The hardest part about exercising is not the activity itself, but the motivation to get started with it. If you lack the motivation needed to work out, just think about how much better you will feel after completing the task. It will make you feel refreshed and energized. And if you hate working out, you can also choose to just dance a little in your room on your favorite songs. This can be a good replacement for a workout and you will be able to enjoy yourself too.

3. Treat yourself with chocolates


This is the most common and cliché hack for dealing with period mood swings. But it is equally effective as well. Dark chocolates, apart from being healthy, are also good in helping with mood swings during periods. In fact, this the easiest hack and comes in handy every time you are on your periods.

Dark chocolates contain sugar that helps increase the level of serotonin. This serotonin is the same hormone responsible for making you feel happy by stabilizing your mood. Dark chocolates are also known to help in period cramps. Try this hack as it will kill two birds with one stone.

4. Take sufficient sleep

Having good sleeping habits helps with curbing mood swings. If you are a person with a sleeping schedule is all over the place, then it would be a good idea to at least try to maintain a good sleep cycle starting two weeks before you are about to get your periods. Having at least seven to eight hours of undisturbed sleep will make you feel less cranky. You should also try taking naps during the day, as it will make you feel energized and refreshed when you wake up.

Sleeping also helps your body release serotonin that will help stabilize your mood. Apart from this, practicing good sleeping habits is a good thing as it helps your mind and body function in a better way. Not getting enough sleep adversely affects your mood and productivity even if you are not on your periods.

5. Avoid eating junk

Eating junk food during your periods can also affect your mood swings, and not in a good way. Although junk food sounds very tempting, especially when you are on your periods, it can have negative effects like making you feel irritated. So stray away and ingest nutritious food items. You should eat healthy food items like fruits, vegetables, and food prepared with whole-grains more. If you absolutely cannot resist eating junk food, then at least limit its intake starting one-two weeks before your periods. Try to replace it with healthy food items to the maximum extent.        

6. Having sex can also help


If you and your partner are not grossed out by the idea of having sex during periods, then this is a great way to improve your mood. Having sex can help with the estrogen levels while secreting cortisol that helps boost the mood. The oxytocin secreted during intercourse will uplift your mood. Apart from giving you pleasure, sex has other benefits too. It helps in blood circulation in your body that can reduce cramps and bloat by improving blood flow in your pelvic cavity.

7. Try to stay stress-free

Being stressed about work, family, or something else can worsen your mood during periods. Try to manage your stress by incorporating healthy activities like practicing yoga, meditation, and exercising. If it is something major and you cannot manage it by yourself, seek help from a therapist. You can also try to talk it out with your friends and family members to feel lighter. 

Periods do not have to be a stressful time for you any longer, provided you follow these seven hacks. These hacks are helpful in combating mood swings during periods. They will help you feel less terrible and grossed out during those days. Hopefully, they will let you be your amazing self even during periods by making your life a little simpler.   



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