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How to keep the love alive in a long-distance relationship during the quarantine

Humans are social animals, and therefore, they like sharing their lives with people. If you are in a relationship with someone, then it is only natural for you to want to spend as much time with them as possible. But spending that quality time with your partner is hard in a long-distance relationship, as you cannot meet them whenever you like.

Many couples cannot sustain their long-distance relationship for a long time. With the loss of touch and intimacy, the love also fizzles out. For a couple’s attachment is one of the most important things in the initial years, as they are still learning to love each other during that time. Hence, it is important to find out ways to communicate and feel your partner’s presence when in a long-distance relationship. You need to develop your own love language to stop love from fading away.

Juggling so many things all at once is bound to make a few things fall and crash, if not done meticulously. To avoid your relationship from being the one that takes the burn of the mayhem, you can try out a few tips. Follow these tips to keep your love alive even during this quarantine period-

1. Video calls are a saving grace 


If you feel like you do not get time to talk much on calls due to work and family, then just have them with you on video calls. You can set up your phone next to your laptop while working to make you two feel closer. Have lunches or dinner together on a video call if you are very busy. Video calls do not require you to talk continuously, you can just look at them at the screen from time to time and still be content.

2. Try to communicate daily 

In a long-distance relationship, couples can go out of tune with each other as they are not part of each other’s everyday life. This can easily lead to a lack of connection between them. Therefore, you must keep your partner in the loop about all the happenings of your daily life, even if you feel they are insignificant and would not spark their interest. Celebrate every little milestone of each other’s life together. Share your happiness and sorrows. This will help you bond on a deeper level with your partner. During quarantine, you can share whatever you are doing at home, discuss shows you watched, or food you cooked or burned, if any. Share these minor details of your life amidst the serious and heart to heart talks. 

3. Have Netflix parties 

With the advancement in technology, it has made it easier to be with a person from afar. It has enabled you to enjoy things that were earlier possible only physically. You can now enjoy a great show or movie together even sitting in different places. Fix online movie dates with your partner to feel like you are sitting next to them. Netflix allows you to watch movies and shows together where you will also be able to watch each other on little screens. It is amazing for watching movies and then seeing each other’s reactions to that mind-blowing scene and discussing afterward.

4. Text each other 


Even though you do phone calls and video calls with your partner, you can still text them as well. Texting is good when you just want to tell them something quickly or do not have time to call them. But remember to not overdo it if you are already in touch with them over calls or video calls. Constantly texting them might get annoying for them. So, do not pester them and do it only when necessary. Texting is also great to give them little updates about what you did during your day or to just carry on a playful banter for excitement. 

5. Play online games 

If you want to do more exciting stuff together, then online gaming is a good option. There are many online games available where you can talk or even see each other’s faces while playing. If you two like gaming too, then this can be a great way to be in each other’s company, especially when you get bored with your long talks. You can play some classic games like ludo, business, or cards if you do not want to step into the hard-core gaming world. It is a good way to relax and distract yourself from stress with an added advantage of being able to do it with your partner. 

6. Avoid excessive communication 

Remaining in touch every day is nice to compensate for the physical distance but do not overdo it. Constantly wanting to know where your partner is going and what they are doing can suffocate for them. Hence, give them and yourself some space to breathe and do not make communication your obligation. 

7. Share your old memories


 Researchers have found that reminiscing good times together help with a deeper bond. Sometimes, being nostalgic together can help both of you to recall good things about each other, which will inculcate a deeper appreciation for each other. Playing the ‘remember when’ game with your partner will also make you recollect all the good times you have spent with each other. This will let you cherish your time together even more. Memories can also help you introspect about your relationship to tighten the loose ends.

8. Be present 

Since you are in a long-distance relationship, do not take your time together for granted even if it is on call or video call. Be at the moment and give your undivided attention to your partner when talking to them. You must make your partner feel secure and make them feel like they are your priority. Otherwise, several insecurities and issues can easily seep in between you and your partner, giving rise to a lot of problems in the relationship. Be a good listener when your partner is talking; good communication is the only way that can enable you to sustain your long-distance relationship. 

9. Stay honest with each other 

Your long-distance relationship will not work if you are not transparent with your partner. Be honest with each other at all times. It is better if you talk things out rather than holding it in. Small things that you hold back from each other will make room for resentment and insecurities in your relationship. To have a long-lasting relationship honest with each other is very important.  This pandemic has made us all realize a lot of things, not taking anything for granted being one of them. Do not become a source of stress for your partner. Instead, try to become each other’s support system.

10. Talk dirty with each other


To keep the spark alive in your relationship, keep things spicy and fun with your partner. Do not let distance come in between your physical intimacy. Try sexing or talk dirty on phone to satisfy your sexual cravings. This could be a good fit for your sexual desires with your partner. 

Make time for each other in-between your work, chores, and personal time so that your relationship doesn’t get compromised. The distance will help your heart grow fonder during these tough times, making sure your bond gets stronger than what it is now when you’ll meet each other next.



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