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How to stay organized and be productive

Do you ever get up in the morning and already feel like going to bed? …Not only because you feel tired but also because you feel overwhelmed?

It might be because of the thousand things that are going in your head all at once. Having too many thoughts and no proper direction may seem very confusing.

On the other hand, if you already have the next day planned in front of you, you automatically get excited and start looking forward to it.

According to one research conducted by the National Science Foundation,  it was found that an average individual has around 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts going in his head per day. Therefore, it is normal to feel exhausted and pressurized by them.

To lead a happy and contented life, one must learn to deal with such issues. One of the most successful ways to tackle such problems is to stay as organized as possible.

Not only this helps in keeping the peace but it also makes you more productive.

Here are some general ways by which you can prepare yourself for the future by mending your present. They include some common practices which you can adapt in your daily life to do better than before.

Follow a routine

It helps in pushing you to finish a usual day’s work when you feel low and demotivated. Sometimes pushing your brain to think of what should be done next might not be possible, in such situations having a set routine helps you avoid the stress.

Set realistic goals:

Don’t get carried away after watching a motivational video or reading something motivating. Realize your potential and work to improve it. Learn to take baby steps. Remember, a house doesn’t get built in a single day. You take the pain of laying down the bricks one at a time.

Treat yourself:

Learn to appreciate yourself for doing a task. It will eventually motivate you to take up and finish another one.

Judicious use of social media:

Taking a short break while working might turn into hours of exploration on social media. It sure is a tempting world. We don’t realize when a ten minutes break turns into an hour of watching some web series.

Work when most productive

Not everyone is a morning person, you might feel more inspired to work at night. You might like to get up and finish a task when you don’t have a disturbance around you.

Get proper sleep

8 hours of sleep helps in energizing the body and reducing the stress built up from the previous day.


Your favorite song can boost your productivity and creativity.

More often than not, we need more than just general ideas to organize and be productive. If you feel the same and need help to be more productive in your work life or have a more organized home then you might like what you are going to read next!

Tips and tricks to stay organized at home


What do you do as soon as u wake up? ..Do u start rushing to start with your day? If yes, then I think that’s not the right way to do things. This life should not be taken like a rat race, it is meant to be enjoyed at every moment to its fullest. So maybe these few tricks will get your organization juices flowing.

As soon as u get up, make a to-do list on your phone or in a planner. Doing so will help in analyzing the tasks that need to be done, which u might forget if it is just in your head. Writing the tasks down helps to visualize things better.

Now when you have the structure of your day ready with you, start by making your bed. This might seem like an irrelevant thing at first but it works wonders. Doing so you will successfully accomplish a task of the day and this will motivate you to take up another one.

Handle one thing at a time:

don’t try to do all at once, that might end up in a complete failure and you might not have even achieved anything substantial. Multitasking might not always be helpful.

Having a clean environment

around you is a very essential part of being organized and productive. Living in a dirty or messy place deteriorates the mood and brings demotivation.


as much as possible. This helps is clearing up the unwanted stuff around you lying aimlessly. Also, purging may help you discover something that was hidden in a corner of the house.           

Practice minimalism

The fewer things you have in your house the easier it becomes to take care of everything. Also leading a minimalist life is beneficial for the environment so it is a win-win scenario.

Meal planning

When you already have a set menu for your meals it avoids the unnecessary time spent in front of the refrigerator thinking about what to cook.

Also, you can prep for your meals in advance and save time in the kitchen.

Tips and tricks to stay organized at work

We have a life where we need to take care of both our home and our work. Managing both together may seem like a huge deal for beginners but with a little bit of practice and planning, it might get easy.

managed desk – a peaceful mind

Having a clear desk helps in providing clarity of thoughts. Walking up to your desk in the morning and having all the things in their respective places brings motivation to start the day.

Prepare beforehand

The practice of a to-do list is also applicable to work. This helps you to spend your day systematically with the best outcome.

You can set your daily schedule as per the list, and then you manage to do target based work. This is a kind of your own tracking list.


Be it a meeting or a presentation, it is always wise to prepare for it well in advance. It also helps in delivering quality work. Plan to do a bigger task in small steps and do it one by one. This will make your work effortless.

Quit procrastination

A lazy day can mess up with your work and make all your planning go to waste. Hence being organized and working towards your goals involves quit being lazy. Consistency is the key to productivity.

Set-up timer

Humans tend to work more seriously when they are on a time crunch. Therefore try to allot time for a particular task and then work to complete it without losing focus.

Not having a clock ticking above your head could cause a laid back attitude.

Do it now rather than later

We tend to push a task which might take just a few minutes, to later without any reason. Unreasonable delays lead to pile-up and then become difficult to handle.

Clear your inbox

Having a cluttered inbox with hundreds of unread emails is chaotic.

It might lead to missing important ones and later causing an unwanted problem.

Therefore start your day on a positive note, taking one step at a time. Organizing is a creative and helpful process.

Remember to not push yourself to achieve everything on a single day but push enough to keep it going.

For example, tackle organizing one drawer at a time instead of setting up an entire wardrobe.

Also, it is completely fine to have a not so productive day once in a while, it helps to charge yourself and prepare you for the next day.

Acknowledge all that you have achieved even if it is a minute thing and learn to appreciate yourself.

Don’t lose hope and I hope these tips would be helpful to you in order to lead and manage your busy lives.



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