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How to take rejections positively

All of us are prone to rejection, whether by an online dating match or by not getting our dream job; these things are the inevitable part of our lives. Though we all know that one should not take these personally, the virtue is hard to practice in actual life. There are many reasons and circumstances beyond our control that lead to rejections.

Although, for the time being, post rejection sulking techniques like cheating on your diet with a comforting tub of ice-cream is an excellent way of dealing with disappointment, coping with rejection and continuing the pursuit of your goal is an essential skill that all the successful personalities possess. This skill will build up an enormous wall of confidence with you that a small rejection won’t be able to break.

Next time, if your date doesn’t show up or if an interviewer is a little mean to you, remind yourself of the following seven things. They will help you cheer up and move on from the setback.

1. Rejection is just a speed breaker 


Rejection is a part of life. Any successful person will tell you that there were many speed breakers on their road to success. They can slow down your pace but can never stop you from reaching your desired destination. With significant failure comes brilliant success. 

The one person who has testified this is J.K Rowling. She had to face rejection from twelve publications for her book Harry Potter before becoming the first millionaire woman author. 

2. Say Bye to your Inner Critic 

The inner critic is a voice in your head that whispers or debates with your self-image, telling you how you’re not enough, or intelligent or funny enough, etc. and this why you had to face a certain rejection from someone.

If you catch this voice beginning to grow in your head, shut it down until it becomes a colossal snowball of unpleasant feelings that would make it impossible for you to stop.

It’s always best to slide the negative thoughts away and welcome the positive energy in your life. Once you’ve bid your inner critic goodbye, you will focus on your goal again. 

3. You’re not alone 


Everyone faces one time or the other; you’re not the only one. If they have rejected you, it means that you’re brave enough to put yourself out there in the world. It’s a scary world, but in the end, we all learn to love it.

If you’ll google the list of personalities that faced several rejections because of one or the other silly reason, you’ll be shocked beyond belief. Focus on how none of the rejections could stop them from succeeding. After getting fired from her first TV show, Oprah picked herself up and continued her journey to stardom.

Vera Wang launched her own fashion empire after not getting promoted to Vogue’s editor-in-chief. If they could bounce back from rejection with such grace, you can too.

4. There is someone for everyone

Be it your partner or a dream job; there is a perfect match out there waiting for you. Always remember, whenever you face rejection for anything, it was not meant to be. 

If you ever doubt will have everlasting love or the perfect job, look around; some so many people rarely experience the half of it. Do not reserve a place in your heart and life for someone or something that does not deserve it.

You deserve better than you think. Grieve the setback if that makes you feel better, but after that, collect yourself up and carry on with your life. Your hope for a better future is before you and not behind you.

5. Dreaming is essential


In the wise words of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, “Dream is not that which you see while sleeping. It is something that does not let you sleep.” Dreams give us purpose to our lives and when fulfilled, fill our life with happiness.

Whether it is about a dream job, meeting someone you admire or traveling to a faraway land, dreaming is essential. Fulfilling these dreams is what will bring you genuine joy.

Achieve even one of those dreams will motivate you to follow your next dream, and like this, you will keep on accomplishing your desired goals. Plans keep us inspired; they make us believe in ourselves and reassure us we can do it!

6. Remember why you had this opportunity

The more we strive for the impossible, the more we are prone to rejection. We can view this rejection as proof that you are finally pushing your limits to achieve something difficult.

Instead of focusing on the setback, think about what all you have already conquered because this will inspire you to strike again. Celebrate the opportunity, be it getting an audition or meeting new people.

Every experience will help you grow further. Note the qualities you displayed in a situation, rather than focussing solely on the reasons for the dismissal. Focus on improving your skills and striking back with renewed force. 

7. Focus on what you gained from an experience 


After facing any kind of rejection, it might take you a few days before you can collect yourself enough to analyze what you overall gained from any experience.

The best way to go about it is by asking questions. If it is a career-related thing, you can always ask the people concerned where you need improvement; it will only show them how dedicated you are. This feedback will help you nail any similar opportunity and save you from getting rejected again.

If you face rejection in your relationship, see it as a chance to learn about yourself. Every relationship, broken or not, teaches us something. Paying attention to this lesson will save us from making the same mistake again in the future.

We consider journaling a very healthy habit; it will help you analyze yourself deeply and thoroughly. You can also try talking to a life coach or friend because sometimes it gets challenging for us to understand our thoughts. While a rejection feels very tough at the beginning, it always gets better with time. Repeat the above-given points in your head whenever you feel a rejection makes you feel low and demotivated. Always remember, giving up on your dreams is not the solution. So get up and start working towards them!



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