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Is sex everything in a relationship

Relationships are a very important part of our existence because of various reasons. They deeply affect our emotional wellbeing, bring stability in our lives, and teach us several life lessons. It shows us who we can trust and how much. In times of need, these relationships help us fight the problem and make us feel good and cared for. Every relationship makes us feel special in its own way and holds a different place in our hearts. Relationships keep us going during our stressful or depressing times. Without relationships in life, a person would be like an emotionally dead spirit.

In a romantic relationship, sex plays an important part. It says a lot about you as a couple and drags it smoothly. It is difficult to say whether it is often good. Your bedroom decides whether your relationship lasts how long, and whether you have to take care of your sex life. Sometimes, people wonder whether sex is the only thing that matters in their relationship. 

Following are the various parameters one can use to answer this question:-

1. How good sex is for you


We all are aware of the fact that sex has several benefits. According to a study conducted in 2004, frequent sex boosts a person’s immune system. A study conducted in 2013 proved that sex has the benefits of a workout. It is a form of light exercise. Another study conducted in 2010 showed that sex can reduce the risk of heart diseases.

It also boosts a person’s cognitive activity. Sexually active people have better memory at 50 -90 years, revealed a study conducted in 2016. Sex also helps a person in keeping a peaceful mindset. Frequent sex can soothe migraines and headaches. It doesn’t mean people who stop indulging in sex will develop these diseases. It merely means that people who have frequent sex are at a lower risk of developing them.

2. Sex can create an intimacy feedback loop

A 2017 study published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin revealed that there is a link between frequent sex and well being. It also shows that sex brings in love and warmth in a person’s life, which leads to more sex. Indulging frequently in sex keeps your sex drive strong. 

3. Sex isn’t the only way to have intimacy


We relate sex with intimacy always, but sex is not the only form of intimacy a couple can share. Any tender touch like cuddles, kisses, holding hands, and giving massages, can be deeply intimate and heartwarming too. Emotional and spiritual intimacy is as important in a relationship as physical intimacy is.

4. Sense of belongingness

Sex can not solve all the problems that exist in a relationship. Human beings are social animals. They crave the feeling of belongingness in any kind of relationship. Thus, one should establish a relationship that does not thrive only on sex.

5. Listen to your partner

To have a happy and long-lasting relationship, knowing your partner in and out is very important. Encourage your partner to voice their thoughts and opinions. Listen to them when they share something with you, no matter how small it might be. This will tell your partner that they can be vulnerable in front of you without being judged. This will strengthen your bond than ever.

7. Become more communicative

The couple needs to talk about the different aspects of their relationship as well. Good communication creates a more reliable bond in any relationship. It helps both the partners understand each other better, ultimately bringing them closer with every passing day. 

8. Sexual compatibility is important

It’s difficult to deal with a situation when one partner wants to have sex, but the other does not. This means that the one has a high libido, and the other doesn’t. It’s not impossible to handle this situation. Communication is the key. If you can’t compromise for your partner because of some reason, non-monogamy might be what you need. It’s normal to experience some changes as time passes. According to the Mayo Clinic, a person’s libido can change with time. 


Stress can also be a reason for low desire. Or it could also be for other problems in your relationship like frequent arguing, dishonesty, etc. Age can be one factor as well. Sometimes libido decreases with hormonal changes like pregnancy, menopause, etc. If there is any medication that you take, then it might be the reason for your lack of desire. Many diseases like arthritis coronary and heart diseases play a part in it too. Trauma affects libido. If you are facing any problems in your sex life, you can always consult a doctor for advice.

Experiencing low libido doesn’t mean you are ill. It can get better with time or you can consult a Doctor. There are several ways to boost your libido. But if it is because of incompatibility, no solution will work for long. It’s important to talk about incompatibility. There are many ways to combat it, provided both you and your partner will fight it together as a team. 

Mistakes couples often make:

1. Thinking about an ex

If you keep thinking about your ex while doing sex then your current relationship may not working. Keep talking about your ex all the time in bed is a breakpoint. “It’s NOT a sign that your ex is for you, but it shows that your current relationship isn’t lighting your spark for long,” says Alexandra Chauran, a relationship psychic. 

2. Lack of return


Return the favor by going down on your partner the way they go down on you. Sienna Sinclaire, a sex and dating coach, says that if you do not give as much as you take from your partner, then you are selfish in the bedroom. If you are lazy in the bedroom, you are lazy outside too with your relationship.

3. A very busy schedule

There are many aspects of your life, your work being one of them. But sometimes, a very busy daily routine and work-life ruin the relationship. Your sex positions, sex frequency, and the days you prefer, etc. depict how strong or weak your bond is. 

Conclusion– It is not only sex that is needed to keep a relationship alive. It is more about how much understanding is there between the partners and how much they care for each other. Sex is definitely an essential part of a healthy relationship but is not everything. Hence, invest time and effort in other aspects of your relationship. 



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