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Is the Keto Diet as effective for women as it is for men?

In recent times, dieting and physical exercises have become synonymous with weight loss. A recent study on the crisis of obesity in the USA showed that about 60% of the nation’s population is facing obesity. Apart from this, they are also facing various other diseases based on their lifestyle deficits. 

Several pundits claim to give a definite result for weight loss. But most of them deal with excessive physical exercises and diet charts harsh on the body. In the post corona era, people have become weary of many things. This includes their lifestyles and the current scenario of jobs all around the world. Their busy schedules make it hard for them to pursue a dedicated routine of exercises and having meals at regular intervals. 

Keeping this in mind, there is a unanimous need for a regimen that can help a person reduce fat, in a healthy and optimized manner. Thus, people prefer home routines in current times. And given the current scenario of work from home culture, taking up some domestic activities is the need of the hour.


One diet that can help reduce good amounts of fat without making a hole in your pocket is the ‘Ketogenic Diet’. The keto diet targets unwanted fat by converting the body’s energy hub from carbohydrates to fat. You need to reduce the consumption of carbs and replace them with fat-rich products. This change will shift the energy hub to the fats. And after certain days into the diet, you will notice considerable changes in your body.

Does Ketogenic Diet give adequate results for women?

Most of the supplement companies focus on the male customer base more than the female one. The trainers detail the procedures for men and we have often seen it that the women are out of their focus. This creates an unwanted stigma and confusion among females. Hence, such a tremendous weight loss regime remains unexplored by most of the women. 

The ketogenic diet has provided satisfying results for women when tried on some volunteers. Apart from body fat, physicians also noted an improvement in their blood sugar level. To be specific, women with Type 2 Diabetes showed the best results.

The keto diet has also shown commendable results among patients with cancerous diseases. Various studies revealed that women who adopted the keto diet got relief from cancer. 

Let us look at some of the brightest prospects of adopting a keto diet for a woman:


A regular weight loss program requires 4-5 hours of rigorous physical training and a strict diet. But, the keto diet helps you to shed an equal or more amount of your weight without even going through all the pain. All you will need to do is some jogging or take a brisk walk and you will see the difference yourself. 

Apart from that, the keto diet does not stop you from eating your favorite food items. In fact, you must eat fat-rich products throughout this process. So, it becomes a win-win situation for your body and your taste buds, both. 

  • “Keto diet is a suitable treatment for type 2 diabetic patients”

Diabetes is one of the most dreadful diseases. It can affect both men and women. Carbohydrates are a significant source of sugar. When they are not expended, these stored sugars break down into glucose and sucrose. These show up as high blood sugar levels in the long term. Apart from this, type 2 diabetes hinders the operation of the liver in the longer run. So, in such a scenario, the circulatory system of the body can get hampered.

The entire process of the keto diet reduces the consumption of carbohydrates to the minimum. Thus, the chances of type 2 diabetes also reduce manifold. Several dieticians and general physicians recommend this diet. They advise the patients to undergo a carbohydrate deficit diet to treat the elevated levels of blood sugar.


Now that we know some crucial benefits of the keto diet, let us discuss the sections of women who should not follow this regimen.

Like a coin, everything has so sides. The keto diet is no different. It has both pros and cons related to it. For our health, a detailed understanding of the disadvantages is necessary for the longer haul. After consulting several doctors and dieticians, we have concluded that there is a certain section of the women population who should avoid any kind of carbohydrate deficit diet.

  • Women who are pregnant or are in the breastfeeding stage should avoid any kind of deficit in their body nutrients. Many gynecologists advise that a pregnant lady or a new mother should always consume all the nutrients and stay away from any kind of diet regimen until the breastfeeding phase is over.
  • Women with severe hormonal imbalances must consume a carbohydrate-rich diet. The ones with PCOD and PCOS should also follow the same.
  • Women with type 1 diabetes and severe pancreatitis should also avoid a fat-rich diet.
  • Women who have a medical history of liver and kidney issues should also avoid the keto diet. This is because it requires a strong liver and sound kidneys to digest the higher amounts of fat consumed. 

To conclude it all…

‘Too much of anything is bad’, is not only a famous proverb but also a very accurate one indeed. Hence, calculate and regulate the keto diet with extreme caution. Yes, it has given some marvelous results over the years. But there should be some restrictions and limitations to the extent of this diet. Apart from this, the vitals of the body should be monitored all the time during this period.

The metabolism of women differs completely from that of men and hormones and childbirth play an important role in deciding the diet and nutrients they should take during such times. There have been many instances of women suffering from serious side effects because of an unplanned and negligent diet regimen. Such carelessness might cost severely in the long run.

One of the most obvious disadvantages of the keto diet is that it is among the most understudied sections of modern-day nutritional sciences. As a result, a certain amount of paradox and stigma related to the diet continuously do rounds all over the internet. Such a lack of resources has led to some serious misinformation among the people. Everyone needs to read as much as possible about this diet to gather accurate information about it and the side-effects that it can cause. 

So, if you want to give it a shot, make sure you scale all the uncharted territories and get a clear picture of all the consequences. Remember, you will later get to reap the fruit of all the efforts that you will invest in your body today, be it for better or for worse. Hence, you must choose wisely and responsibly.



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