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Never follow any diet plan without know-how about it

These lockdown days have changed our lifestyle in many ways. While staying at home seems quite easy, the lack of physical activities and exercises has created a problem for many people who are on a strict diet for weight loss.

Well, needless to say, diet is the first and foremost component of the weight loss program and you should take the utmost care to plan it healthily.

It has been often seen that the internet and celebrities contribute a lot to a person’s weight loss target and many people follow their routine diet blindly, which leads to severe health hazards, such as weakness, dizziness, constipation, and similar other problems.

This is, primarily, caused to an incomplete diet which is void of some major nutrients, and hence, you should follow a specialist before penning down your diet plan.

Is dieting synonymous with weight loss?


Each one of us has grown up with specific food habits, which had all the required nutrients and vitamins for our well being.

But, whenever a person visits a dietician for planning a balanced diet, he or she has just one goal in mind, how to lose weight faster or in some cases, how to gain weight faster if the person is thin.

This is a completely wrong idea and should not be followed. If a person is thin and does not weigh much, it never implies that he or she is unhealthy and the same goes for the heavy weighed people as well.

Our body weight is composed of different parameters, which include the weight of the bones, muscle mass, and fat percentage of our body.


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So, if a person is looking big and still does not have any health issues, he or she should never get worried as they are in perfect condition.

As a saying goes, ‘Rome was not built in a day’, similarly, your body did not acquire all the fats and weight in a single day. It is a continuous process that has been taking place for years and consequently, the process of losing it should also take place slowly and steadily to maintain the overall well being of your metabolism.

And even if you find a diet plan which helps you to lose 8-10 kilos in a week, you should readily discard it as it will create much bigger problems for you in the future.



BMI stands for ‘Body Mass Index’, whereas BMR stands for ‘Basal Metabolic Rate’. The former tells us how much our body should weigh according to our height and the later gives the required amount of calories which our body needs during its rest period.

These are not just mere parameters but are an insight into a healthy lifestyle and a body free from any troubles.

Every person has a different rate of burning calories, which depend on the gender, age, present medical condition, food habits, and rate of physical activities.


Now a day, there are plenty of mobile apps that help you to keep track of your calorie intake.

But, although these procedures might give an idea about the diet required for your specific body, yet, various other factors should also be considered while choosing a diet plan.

Every food item has a different micro and macronutrient structure and you should find an average requirement for your body after taking into consideration all the above-discussed factors.

Ideal rules of checking your weight


If you are following a diet plan for a specific weight target, you will always be excited about checking your weight regularly.

However, it has been seen that different weighing machines and give you different results. Hence, it is advised that you should use a single piece of equipment to check your weight during the entire course.

Apart from this, many dieticians and trainers advise that people should refrain from checking their weight regularly, as it might lead to a loss of motivation.

Hence, you should keep on checking your weight on a fortnightly basis, which will give you a perfect idea about any changes.


It should be noted that the rate of weight loss depends on a wide range of factors, which include diet habits, past medical histories, bodily structure, gender, fat accumulation level, metabolic rate, levels of stress, etc.

So, it would be fairly wrong to judge that every person would have the same rate of weight loss or gain.

Someone might lose 1 kilo in a week while the other person might take a month to get there.

So, regardless of the rate, you must understand that the objective should be achieved in the safest way possible.

According to most of the dieticians, the early morning time is the best time to check your weight as the weight of your body varies during the entire day.

The women who are on their periods might also notice some major fluctuations in their weight and hence, it is advised to refrain from measuring the weight during the menstrual cycle.

What should you do to stay healthy?


People often imagine and relate weight loss to a complete stoppage of rice, potatoes, and other carbohydrate-rich food items. But, this is not always true.

A person who needs to lose weight might not need to completely stop rice and just limit the amount of rice intake for proper results.

Hence, it is always advised that you should only rely on a dietician for all your dietary needs and not just follow any random celebrity hack, which can lead to severe medical issues in the longer run.

Homely foods are more than enough for maintaining a balanced diet for weight loss. One does not need any fancy immunity boosters, fat cutters, protein shakes, or multi-vitamin supplements for achieving his or her weight target.

The ultimate key to achieving the perfect body is to maintain a healthy diet, with all the required nutrients, but in a limited and prescribed quantity.

If you choose to follow any random diet plan, you might suffer from lack of micronutrients, hair fall, acidity, wrinkles, dehydration, bloating, constipation, excessive weakness, and women might also suffer from PCOD and PCOS.

In some severe cases, complete loss of body organs and paralysis of a body part has also been seen due to lack of intake of required nutrients.

Keep it ‘Slow and Steady’

People keeping healthy diet. Man and woman packing paper bag with fresh fruit and vegetables. Vector illustration for organic nutrition, dietitian, vegan or vegetarian food concept

It is always a great idea to achieve something at a slow and steady rate and in a sustainable way. You should put all your efforts and sincere dedication into following the prescribed diet chart by your dietician, without cheating or deviating from it.

Keep your trust with the plan and strategy explained to you by the dietician and you would get the desired results in the most sustainable way.

However, before you decide to visit a dietician, try to gather enough information about their works, previous success rates, experience, and overall reviews from past visitors.

Our body is our ultimate resource and we should take all the necessary steps to keep it healthy.

It is not at all a difficult job to take care of our body and keeping in mind the pandemic we are in, taking good care and boosting the immunity of our body should be our prime objective.

Cheers to a healthy body and a healthy world!!!


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