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Pros and Cons of live-in-Relationship

A live-in relationship might seem like the best option before you walk down the aisle with him. But did you know that this arrangement will change the relationship’s whole dynamic? A live-in relationship not only offers a couple the ability to make the best choice for marriage, but it also helps them explore the more nuanced complexities of life.

If you’re looking to move in with your boyfriend sometime soon, you might first want to weigh a few pros and cons of this step. The best litmus test for a relationship is a live-in arrangement. You will most likely have a successful marriage too once you successfully stay in a live-in without facing too many problems. 

Below are the few points which will highlight the Pros and Cons of live-in relationship:


1. Spending some extra time together 


In this fast-paced world, we have very little time for ourselves. Hence, dating can feel like a job too. But live-ins allow you to cut that all extra time you spend on fancy dinners.

No matter how tiring your work life is at the end of the day, you’ll be happy to find someone waiting for you at home. And staying under one roof gives you more clarity about your relationship. You learn so many new things about each other. It helps you get a clearer perspective on whether or not to put that ring on her finger. 

2. Sharing of finances  

Believe it or not, but you can save more money by living together as both of you will contribute to the everyday expenditure equally. Plus, you don’t have to waste money to see each other anymore.

If you both ever run low on money, you can move the date nights to your living room. You don’t have to drop each other off and pay double the travel fare either if you’re going out. So, if you intend to move in together, you will reduce each other’s financial burden.

3. Pre-marriage compatibility test 


The step of living together comes after a great deal of time and consideration. A live-in partnership is the best forum to explore whether two people are compatible enough to spend a lifetime together or not. You are under the same roof. It is like a pre-marriage period for you.

If things do not work out, you can always walk away from a relationship facing no legalities like divorce, which we all know can exhaust a person, not just monetarily but also emotionally. Also, breakups in the live-in relationship are simpler. And wouldn’t you rather prefer ‘we broke up’ than ‘it divorces us’?

4. More intimacy 

This will be one of the best parts of your relationship because this would be your honeymoon period. You can have more fun together when you are in the same house.

A live-in will also allow you to spice up your sex life for sure. In developing trust and comfort between a couple, physical intimacy plays a crucial role. For satisfying your sexual urges, it even makes you shed your inhibitions. It’s just the sheer bliss of waking up every morning next to each other and going to bed together every night. 

5. No Limitations

Living together one has no limitations on what clothes one can wear or how one is supposed to behave. You are free in your world, no one is there to judge you. There is no pressure on you to always act prim and proper; it makes you feel at home.

While staying with your partner, you want to be candid instead of having to pretend as someone you are not. There is no restriction or any unwanted pressure on you to take things forward. 


1. It will take away excitement from marriage 

This one is for live-in lovers who are seeking marriage in the long term. Moving in together will often take away all the little surprises that a wedding has in store for a couple.

Since you have been living together, both of you are getting comfortable with each other, and the desire to continually please the other person is less. Your honeymoon period has passed and to keep that spark alive in your relationship, work harder now. 

2. Socially not acceptable 


Live-in relationships are still taboo in some places; they are socially not acceptable. First, couples wishing to move in together face a lot of trouble renting an apartment. When they find themselves a decent place, there will always be a nosy neighbor who will judge you for staying together before marriage.

These things might not make your relationship easy; in fact, they might add some additional complications to it. To be honest, no one loves getting judged. Living peacefully in a small town with your sweetheart is almost impossible unless you act out an entire Bollywood film plot and pretend like you both are a married couple.

3. Trouble starts from common spaces 

It can often become claustrophobic to share a space 24/7 with someone, especially if you are not legally bound to each other. If cleaning, you have, and the concept of cleaning you’re as a partner differs totally from occasionally sharing an apartment with them could start making you feel irritated.

E.g., if you are someone who enjoys keeping the place tidy but your partner is super messy, then staying with each other can become a challenge for both of you. This can lead to arguments and fights that sometimes ruin the relationship.

4. Always hanging out together 


When you’re not living together, you can meet your partner at your convenience. And there is an air of excitement every time you meet each other, especially when you two see each other after several days. But once you live together, there is not much excitement in meeting each other as you get to do it every day.

Not only that, but it can also kill your occasional night out plans with your friends because you might feel guilty about leaving your partner alone at home on a Saturday night while you go out and have the time of your life with your friends. 

5. More Responsibilities

When you move out from a live-in relationship, there are a set of additional responsibilities in marriage. One has to enter a new family and adjust to their lifestyle and their living. These things you will not realise when you are living together this will come after marriage. Now your living is just not affecting your partner’s life, but also their families.

While live-ins can be both valuable and problematic, it largely depends on the couple how they made it. After living together, some couples even realize that it does not make them for each other. Many couples find their true happiness in it. So, make sure you listen to your heart and do what it says is best for you. This is the only way to see how things turn out for you.  



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