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Pushkar Raj- The holy town of Rajasthan

Pushkar, also known as Pushkar Raj, is a calm and cozy small town in Rajasthan. Known for its famous Pushkar Fair and grand Holi celebration, Pushkar is a package full of surprises. It attracts travelers from across the globe throughout the year.

The Holy city of Pushkar is situated in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan. This small city is a paradise for shopaholics and foodies. Pushkar has a rich traditional history and is a very important place for Hindu pilgrims.

Pushkar is said to have the only temple of Lord Brahma (one of the three holy trinities of Hindu mythology). It also has a Jewish temple of Mosses, who is said to have been the savior of the Jews from the cruel Egyptian Pharos.

You can reach Pushkar via train, bus, or directly through a private vehicle as this city is well connected with other cities of Rajasthan. Also, you can enjoy the authentic Rajasthani feel in this city.

There are multiple options for accommodation, ranging from resorts to small hotels. You can find such a place to stay that easily fits in your budget like U-turn café, Zostel, 12 Monk Hostel, etc. If you want a luxurious experience, then you can stay at places like Ananta spa & resorts, Jaisingh Palace, Green House resort, Brahma resort, Serene Aravalli, etc.

If you plan on staying in Pushkar, pre-booking a hotel is highly advisable because you might not find a suitable place on the spot. You can also stay in Ajmer instead and come to Pushkar to roam around as it is just a 20-25 minute ride away.

The following are some places that you might want to visit in Pushkar: 

1. Gurudwara


The Gurudwara Singh Sabha is a Sikh holy site situated at the beginning of the Pushkar markets that is in the eastern part of the city. It is a rather recent construction when compared to other sites in Pushkar.

It was built in the 19th century to perpetuate the visits of the Sikh Gurus- Guru Nanak Dev and Guru Gobind Singh. The architecture of this place is exquisite and somewhat along the lines of the Golden Temple in Amritsar city.

It is a 2-story building with three dome structures. The entire building is of pure white color, which makes it picturesque. It is located near the bus stand in Pushkar. So in case you travel to Pushkar via bus, you can visit this place first.

2. Pushkar Lake & Ghats


Pushkar city is settled on the bank of the Pushkar Lake, locally known as Pushkar Sarovar. This is a natural lake and is surrounded by 52 Ghats. It is said that Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe, dropped a lotus flower because of which this lake appeared.

Given its origin from a flower, also known as Pushpa in Sanskrit, Lord Brahma named the lake after it. Hence the name Pushkar Lake. Eventually, the city came to be known as Pushkar.

Given its importance in Hindu mythological and ancient religious history, tonnes of pilgrims come every year to this lake to bathe in it and to perform a ritual called Shradha for their ancestors.

It is important to note that you are not allowed to wear any kind of footwear on the ghats. There are no cameras allowed as people bathe on the ghats before performing the rituals and pooja.

3. Varaha Temple and Varaha Ghat


If you plan to stay back in Pushkar for an entire night, you can visit Varaha Ghat and attend the evening pooja & aarti by the priests there. The timings are 7 pm in the summers and 5:30 pm during winters.

The site of hundreds of diyas lights up the cool, crisp evening and is perfect for a soulful end of the day. You can also visit the Varaha temple- a temple of Lord Vishnu.

Varaha is one of the avatars of Lord Vishnu where he was incarnated as a boar. This temple is a true testament to beautiful architecture and remarkable dome structure.

4. Man Mahal


This was a guest house/palace built by Maharaja Man Singh I to visit and enjoy the calm banks of Pushkar Lake.

This place is now owned by the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation, and they have turned a part of it into a hotel. Given its scenic location at the bank of Pushkar Lake, you can enjoy your stay here with an exotic view of the lake and Pushkar city.

5. Rangji temple


This temple is one of the most popular and most visited sites in Pushkar. Rangji temple is a shrine for the Vaishnavas, the people who pray to Lord Vishnu.

The temple is dedicated to Lord Rangji. This temple’s architecture is an exquisite combination of south Indian and typical Rajasthani style.

6. Brahma Temple


This temple is one of the oldest and most ancient structures in Pushkar, dating back to 2000 years. This is the only temple of Lord Brahma- the lord who created the entire world, according to Hindu mythology.

It is believed that Brahma once came to Pushkar to perform a Yajna with his second wife, Gayatri. This is when his first wife, Goddess Savitri, gave him a curse that there will be only one place of worship for his devotees in the entire world.

The temple is constructed with marble and stone and features a red pinnacle. images of Brahma decorate inside the sanctum sanctorum. People first go to the ghats of Pushkar Lake to bathe in the sacred water and then visit the Brahma Temple to pray.

7. Savitri Maa Temple & Gayatri Maa Temple


Both temples are situated on a hilltop on the outskirts of Pushkar City. When seen from Brahma Temple, Savitri Temple falls on the right while Gayatri Temple falls on the left side.

This also signifies the position in which these deities are placed when worshiped. Both of these temples provide a panoramic view of both- the Pushkar Lake and the Pushkar City.

For the Savitri Mata Temple, there is also the facility of a smooth ropeway ride available for those who can not climb so many stairs.

The best time to visit this place is either in the morning or at dusk. This is when you’ll get to enjoy the view to its fullest.

8. Pushkar Fair and Famous Holi celebration


The Pushkar Fair also called the Pushkar Camel Fair or Kartik Mela as it comes to the Kartik Purnima. It starts at the end of October and ends in November starting.

The Pushkar Fair goes on for 8 days in which several events like an animal fair, cultural folk programs, concerts, and other such fun activities take place. The Pushkar Fair is one of India’s largest camel, horse, and cattle fairs.

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