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Sex in the morning instead of the night will give you many benefits

A question many couples face is the best time to have sex. Some feel confused about the pros or cons of morning sex, wondering whether it is good for their physical and mental health. Some find sex in the morning more comfortable and beneficial than in the night. 

This article will talk about the benefits of morning sex that might suit you as well. Are you still feeling skeptical about it? Nothing to worry about as this article will clear away any remaining doubts you might still be harboring. Once you will know the most important benefits of the morning sex, it might tempt you to indulge in this morning exercise more often than ever before. 

1. Your body is primed for it 


It primes the human body for morning sex, making it the best time to do it. This is because, in the morning, the levels of testosterone and estrogen are at their highest. Now, if you are wondering how that is connected to sex, here is your answer… A study conducted in 2013 showed that a person’s libido gets highly influenced by their testosterone levels. In other terms, the higher your testosterone levels, the friskier you will feel. Hence, starting your day with sex will give you a boost of energy. 

2. It will make you feel more energized

As mentioned in the above-given point, the higher a person’s testosterone levels, the more energized that person will be. As per a study conducted in 2007 revealed that elevated testosterone levels can raise a person’s libido and enhance their sexual activity. Another study conducted in 2000 found that higher levels of testosterone keep a person comparatively more energized for the rest of the day as well. 

3. It releases the ‘cuddle hormone’ oxytocin 

Sex in the morning will bring you and your partner even closer than usual. This is because sex creates oxytocin, also known as the ‘cuddle hormone’. Oxytocin is a brain chemical responsible for regulating attraction. You feel most linked to your spouse when this is activated during the sex. This will lead to greater bonding between you two. Some studies have also shown that keeping busy activates a mixture of neurotransmitters & hormones, especially the ‘feel-good hormone’ dopamine. This further helps the functioning of the brain and its cognition. 

4. It acts as a stress reliever


We all would love to get rid of stress, right? Morning sex can do so for you. According to research conducted in 2010, pleasurable experiences decreases the levels of stress hormones. This implies that orgasm in the morning will place you in a better mood for the rest of the day. 

5. It releases endorphins

Morning sex generates endorphins. These are your body’s amazing pain-relieving substances that help improve your mood. Therefore, you feel better after climaxing. This is also why you will be in a chipper mood for the rest of the day.

Who says only candlelights in a dark room can set a suitable atmosphere? The morning light can be just as sensual and seductive, if not more. 

6. Morning sex is more intimate.

Morning sex is not only an excellent chance for a couple to explore each other’s body thoroughly, but it also makes them more candid in front of each other as they do not have the mask of the night to act as a cover. This openness makes the act more intimate and brings the couple closer. It is just the couple in their most natural form, without something as little as makeup. This openness will help you bring down any walls that might exist between you and your partner. This is also an exceptional opportunity for you to deepen your friendship and intimacy with your partner. Morning sex will transform your unsexy rush hours into your favorite time of the day.

7. It’s basically kids-proof

Couples with kids find it hard to make time for sex as they have to keep looking for an opportunity when the kids are sleeping. Morning sex provides you with this opportunity, as your kids will be sound asleep in the early morning hours. You will not have to worry about getting disturbed, or worse yet, getting caught by your kids when you are having sex. Thus, scheduling sex in the morning will maximize your personal life and enjoyment. You need not worry about your kids hearing anything in the middle of the night and seeking the comfort of your company because they are too scared to sleep alone then. 

8. It makes you feel happy and loved the entire day


Even though you might feel more comfortable having sex at night because of one or the other personal reason and schedule, consider giving morning sex a shot every once in a while. It does not have to be a permanent part of your relationship and you do not have to do it every morning. Trying it out sometimes will the excitement of something new alive in your relationship. After starting your day this way, you will feel loved for the rest of the day. Morning sex will help you continue your day with elevated emotions. 

9. It is like a light workout

Even though sex is not the same as an hour of intense workout, it is definitely equal to a light workout nevertheless. According to a study conducted by the Harvard Medical School, women burn up approximately five calories each minute during sex. It’s almost similar to what they burn on a stroll. And who wouldn’t wanna lose weight in a fun way? Exactly anyone would. 

10. It helps improve the immune system

Vitamin C is, without a doubt, very good of one’s immune system. And it gets frisker in the morning. A study conducted in 2015 revealed that sex can improve one’s immunity as it stimulates the natural protection against bacteria, viruses, and other bacteria in their body. Thus, morning sex can be beneficial for your immune system.

11. You’ll have a nice, natural glow.

Makeup can only stay for so many hours on one’s face and make it glow. But did you know that climaxing can do what your make-up can’t? Climaxing often activates hormones that increase estrogen levels, thus enhancing your skin, hair tone, and texture. Sex in the morning will make your skin glow naturally the complete day. Sex makes your brain produce oxytocin, the healthy hormone. Apart from that, it also reduces cortisol, also known as the tension hormone. It also activates melatonin that will help you sleep better. 



Sex is an important aspect of everyone’s life. Though there is no hard and fast rule as to when one can do it, morning sex tends to be more beneficial than sex at night in numerous ways. But if it does not suits one’s taste or routine, they can always have it at any time of the day. Sex brings a person closer to their partner and brings more joy in their lives. Hence, having sex daily can make you and your partner happier than before. 



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