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Signs that indicate that you are completely burned out because of your work

In today’s world, where hustling and grinding have become the expected norm, work-life becomes hectic. Most of us have a regular 9 to 5 job that includes sitting on desks and staring at screens the entire time. This can be excessively tiring for your mind and body, both. Since the coronavirus pandemic, work from home has become the new norm.

Working from home sounds comfortable, but the reality is a little different. A person gets more than usual work from the office, as we assume that working from home will allow you more productivity since there is no time spent on commuting. With you being your boss to manage your work and deadlines, it gives off the impression that you have a flexible working routine.

Earlier, people at least used to have a place to come back to and unwind after a long, tiring day at work. Now that people are working from home, they have also brought your work stress home. This collision between one’s workspace and home has left no separate space for them to relax and loosen up comfortably. Amidst these turbulent times, which are already causing a lot of stress and anxiety among people, it is not unusual to get burned out due to office work.

The 8 signs given below show that a person has been completely drained because of his/her work life and needs to take a break ASAP.

1. It is hard to concentrate


Finding it difficult to concentrate on work can be due to burn-out. When this happens, you find it challenging to focus properly even on important tasks. You might not stay attentive during meetings as your mind wanders off frequently. Here, you need to take a break for a few days to recharge yourself. When you will get back to work after the break, you will be able to concentrate properly.

2. You have hated your work

Are you are working in a field of your interest but still find your work unbearable? Are you are worried because you used to enjoy doing the same work earlier? Even if your answer to these questions is yes, you have nothing to worry about as it is normal to lose interest some times. This just means that you are either overworking yourself or have gotten bored with it. Taking some time off will help you rejuvenate so that when you go back to work, you will again start feeling energized and excited about your work. 

3. You get sick often

If you fall sick often or suffering from frequent headaches, loss in appetite, and fatigue, then this is your body’s way of signaling that you are overworking it and it is in a desperate need of some revitalization. Constant sickness is a clear sign that your mind and body are spending beyond their limit. Let them get some rest. Sleep well, eat fresh and healthy and stay away from technology for a few days. Spend time in recreational activities of your choice and calm yourself by listening to some soothing music. And most importantly, do not think about work at all during your off days as it will negate the entire purpose of taking a break. If it is anything serious, consult a medical expert immediately.

4. Your work life has taken over your personal life


If you feel you no longer have a personal life, then you are probably too stressed out because of your work life. You need to hit pause and stop burying yourself deep in your work. There needs to be a balance between your work life and your personal life, both. Compromising your personal life will lead to a lot of stress and anxiety in your life. Take some time off from your work with no guilt. This will also increase your productivity and efficiency at work once you’ll rejoin it.

5. You have resented your co-workers

If you have started complaining and cribbing about your colleagues, work and work environment, then you are probably burned out. This is not healthy for your brain as you are bound to perceive everything in a negative light. You need a breather from your work. Do yourself and everyone around you a favor and take some rest. Once your body and mind are well-rested, you will be more relaxed and full of positivity. Your mood will be brighter and you no longer will feel cranky. 

6. Even your face gives the sign

If you are too tired because of your work, it will start showing on your face as well. You might have sunken eyes and dark circles underneath your eyes because of your prolonged screen time. Your face will also lose its glow and start looking dull. Anyone could tell that you are either too tired or not sleeping well. Your under-eye bags are directly proportional to your work. Take a break. It will make an enormous difference, even if it is a quick break. Dedicate some time to your skin and indulge in relaxing self-care routines.

7. Body ache is a tell-tale sign


If you feel like your body is aching from head to toe, then it is a sign that you have been hustling far more than your normal capacity. You can have re-occurring pain in your shoulders, neck, and back because of long sitting hours while working. It does not make your body endure prolong amounts of physical and mental stress as it leads to a burn-out. These looming aches will decrease your productivity. If you continue to work in this manner, you will merely strain your body further until it gives out. It might also lead to some serious health issues. So save yourself the trouble and take a few days off from work. Your work won’t go anywhere, but if you won’t exercise precaution, then your body sure will.

8. You have a callous attitude towards work

When you get burned out, you are much more likely to make callous and silly mistakes in their work. This carelessness towards the work is also a tell-tale sign that your mind needs a quick break from things. Just take some time off and you will be fine.

Do not wait to take a breather from work until you are completely spent mentally and physically. You do not have to feel guilty for taking a few days off for yourself, as this is not you being irresponsible. After weeks of long hours of working, you deserve this break. You are taking this time off for your well-being. When you will return to work after a brief break, you will feel more energized and dedicated to your work. Taking a break now and then is essential for every individual to function better. 



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