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Skincare for Beginners – Everything you need to know about a skincare routine

In the daily hustle of life, what we often neglect is taking care of our skin. Skincare is not as complicated as you think, in the long run, a simple skincare routine will do wonders to your skin. And who does not want flawless and healthy-looking skin?

So, now stop giving excuses and take out just a few minutes from your life and indulge yourself in a daily skincare routine.

A basic skin-care routine includes three steps.

1. Cleansing

The first step is to cleanse your skin, it simply means to wash off all the dirt from your face with the help of a cleanser. Just wash your face twice a day with a face-wash that suits your skin type.

People with oily skin should use a foam-based cleanser. Dry skin people should use a cleanser which is more cream and lotion based and lastly people who have sensitive skin, should prefer oil-based cleansers. 


Don’t rub your face too much while washing your face, gently apply and massage for not more than 20 seconds and wash it off. Also, don’t cleanse your face too many times! It will not do any good for your skin. It can lead to breakouts and acne.

2. Toning 

Immediately after cleansing your skin, apply a toner, to close pores of your skin. Toner restores the PH balance of the skin. It helps to tackle issues like dark spots, wrinkles, and gives an even tone to your skin. Apply toner with clean hands. Again, don’t rub, gently pat the toner on your skin. Don’t use an alcohol-based toner. 


Use a Hydraulic acid-based toner to prevent moisture loss from the skin. If you want to brighten your dull skin and decrease dark spots, go for Vitamin C. To stop your skin from sagging, use Retinol, Vitamin B3, and peptides. If you have redness on your skin, use colloidal sulfur. If you don’t have access to any of these, you can simply use rose-water as your toner! It also works equally well.

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3. Moisturising

We are on the final step of our skincare routine! After cleansing and toning the skin, the next and the final step is moisturizing your skin. Moisturizing will give you a smooth and clear skin.

When you have too dry or oily skin – it can lead to skin problems like acne, breakouts, dry patches, etc. Even oily skin people should moisturize, but with a gel-based moisturiser. Dry skin people should go for cream-based moisturiser. 


These three simple steps will help you to maintain healthy and clear steps. Just like brushing your teeth in the morning, is a habit, make this skincare routine your habit. You won’t get results in a day or two, you have to follow this routine for a lifetime! This routine alone won’t be enough if you want glowing skin. 

There are some more tips and tricks if you want to sustain your glowing skin. So here are 10 tips for glowing skin:

1. Drink lots and lots of water


Drinking water helps your skin to glow. Drink at least three to four litres of water daily. Drinking just water sounds very bland? But you can just drink lemon water, tender coconut water, and other fresh juices — they will hydrate your skin and will even do wonders for your entire body.

2. Exercise – just move!


For healthy-looking skin, exercise! Just go out for a walk or swim or dance for at least 30 minutes daily. Exercising will make your skin look tighter and younger.

You can even do meditation and yoga to reduce your stress levels. Did you know? Skin gets affected by our stress levels. When we are under stress, we often witness dark circles. So, meditate to feel mentally peaceful.

3. Eat right


The food you put inside your gut reflects on your skin. So, start eating proper balance-diet. Start eating fresh fruits and vegetables for clear looking skin.

Eat foods that contain antioxidants, fibres and minerals, and high levels of Vitamin A, Vitamin C. Eat a handful of nuts in your day to improve your skin. Don’t eat oily food as it leads to acne and breakouts. 

4. Apply sun-screen while stepping outdoors


Apply sunscreen before 15 minutes when you are stepping outside. Go for a non-greasy sunscreen with SPF30 or more.

Sunscreen will help reduce tanning, pigmentation, dark spots, and wrinkles. It will just protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. It’s not important if the day is sunny or cloudy, you have to use sunscreen irrespective of the weather.

5. Apply lip balm


Our skin beneath our lips is very thin and sensitive. It is important to hydrate your lips. Lipsticks further suck away the moisture from our lips. Nobody wants chapped and dry lips. So, always carry a lip balm. Prefer applying lip balm which has SPF. For plump and moisturized lips, make lip balm your best-friend.

6. Stay away from alcohol and smoking as much as possible


Alcohol and smoking not only have adverse impacts on our overall health. But drinking too much alcohol and smoking can increase the ageing of our skin. Smoking reduces the blood vessels in our bodies. Blood vessels are essential for supplying oxygen and other essential nutrients to the skin.

Drinking alcohol also leads to dehydration which results in wrinkles and dull skin. So, avoid drinking too much alcohol and don’t smoke too much.

7. Exfoliate


Exfoliate your skin at least twice in one week. It will help your skin to get away with the dead skin cells and will make your skin look clear. Use a pumice stone to exfoliate. It will reduce skin breakouts by preventing clogged pores. Also, apply scrubs according to your skin type.

Do not exfoliate your skin daily, it will lead to a lack of moisture. Also, don’t scrub your face vigorously, do it gently. Never forget to moisturize your skin after exfoliating.

8. Always remove your makeup before you off to bed


After a long day, it is always important to take off makeup before going to bed. Sleeping with makeup on your face will damage your skin as it will clog all the pores and not allow your skin to breathe. So, now do not hesitate in investing in makeup remover. It will prevent damaged skin and wrinkles. Always, cleanse, tone, and moisturise after removing all the makeup!

9. Get beauty sleep


Our skin depends a lot on our sleeping cycle. Our body prepares and recovers itself when we are asleep. Sleeping and waking up on time is very essential to get healthy-looking skin.

Sleep at least seven to eight hours. Before 30 minutes of sleeping, keep away all the gadgets. Just read something while you go to bed. Deep-sleep will reduce wrinkles and will brighten your skin. Sleep deprivation will lead to less blood flow, which will make your skin look dull and will increase the chances of getting wrinkles.

10. Do some simple home remedies for your skin

You don’t need to always invest in high-end skincare products when you can use a few magical ingredients that are already there at your home. Use fresh aloe-vera gel to hydrate and moisturize your skin. Use gram flour and some milk to scrub your face.


If you have dry skin, apply some raw milk on your face! Get dark circles and puffy eyes? Cut slices of cucumber and apply them on your eyes. Click here to get details of natural home remedies.

Finally, you made it until the very end. Pat-yourself. Lastly, follow the skincare routine and these handful tips regularly to get a healthy-looking skin. Remember, our skin reflects our internal well-being. Be patient and consistent with skincare.



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