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Some important aspects of a positive personality


Have you ever encounter someone who is very negative about life in general? Did you like being around them? Highly doubtable. Keeping a positive company and, more importantly, a positive attitude is key to a happy life. 

Humans are not born optimists. It is a choice we make as we grow up. Sometimes, remaining optimistic about things feels like a challenge and it takes conscious efforts to not lose our positivity in such situations. Keeping a check on our mental well being is more important than we can even imagine. These are some strategies that we can exercise to keep ourselves mentally fit, just like there are exercises that we need to keep ourselves physically fit. 

Positivity is among the essential part of a healthy personality. Given below are a few qualities that you can inculcate in yourself to give your personality a positive turn. 

1. Good Communication Skills

Your communication skills can either make or break your personality. You can enhance your communication skills by reading more and by listening to great personalities talk. While talking to anyone, your tone and delivery matter as much as your words do. No one wants to come off as pretentious. Hence, it is always advisable that you keep your words simple.

Good communication skills can more time than often resolve the most adverse of conflicts. They bring clarity to your interactions and keep the possibility of any misunderstanding minimal. Keep learning new words of your language. This will help you articulate yourself better and will show you more than one way in which you can put your thoughts forward.

2. Honesty 

Honesty is the truth you carry with your persona. It means living in reality. Honesty should be a constant in all your interactions and relationships, even in the one you have with yourself. Being truthful necessitates sincerity. People always like to listen to those who are honest in their eyes. 

3. Integrity

Integrity is the quality of having a high moral compass or strong principles. Your values are the reflection of your personality. Integrity helps you choose and walk down the right path, not only when you have an audience, but also when you are by yourself as there will be a little voice inside your head that will keep you from straying. 

4. Body Language

Body language is the testimony for assessing one’s confidence and overall personality. Expressions, non-verbal actions, or certain mannerisms reflect your positive personalities. Try to maintain good posture in everything you do, from walking to lying down. One’s body language is greatly impacted by their social skills. For example, remember to shake one’s hand whenever you meet them. It isn’t just about a mere handshake but more about acknowledging them and the respect you pay them.

Practice sitting upright instead of slouching down. Stand on both legs, keeping your hands free, hold eye contact during a conversation, etc. Good body language oozes confidence and attracts a positive response from the audience. Your body language is the first word anybody hears when they meet you for the first time.

5. Imbibing Confidence

Trust in self is a crucial factor. If we truly believe in our caliber and have confidence in ourselves, we can easily handle occasional failures. We just need to have a confident approach to life. Doubting ourselves and our potential will only hinder our path to success. 

6. Healthy Eating Habits

Take good care of your fitness and well-being. Consume fresh and healthy foods in the right balance. Dietary nutrition can have a positive or negative impact on your feelings and emotions, depending on what you consume.

Exercise daily, even if it is for just 20 minutes. Go for swimming, cycling, walking, running, gymnastics, or any other form of exercise that you are comfortable with. Regular exercise will make you feel healthier and happier from within. You have to regularly recharge your battery packs, particularly when you are going through the times of extreme complexity.

7. Open-minded

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Open-minded people appreciate the adventure and are open to new ideas. They are curious to admire art, fiction, or new stuff. Living life in variety is the motto of their life. Narrow-minded people are the complete opposites of them as they tend to stick with their habits and ignore new things. The transformation of the personality from narrow-mindedness to open-mindedness is not a cakewalk. The impact of an open-minded person in your life lasts for years, implying it could be permanent. In 2013, results of research on personality traits conducted across the United States were published. These results claimed that open-mindedness is the most prevalent trait among the people of the West Coast. 

8. Compassion

This character trait teaches people to empathize with others. They have an urge to do everything in their power to reduce someone’s misery. It also includes being kind and compassionate towards ourselves in times of our failure.

9. Conscientiousness 

People who are conscientious or have a powerful sense of duty are better organized. They’re reliable, disciplined, or focused on achievement. You’ll hardly find such a person jetting off on a world tour with just a backpack with them. These people are great planners. People with relatively freer personalities are much more spontaneous or free-wheeling. They might sometimes even get inclined towards carelessness. Conscientiousness is a useful trait to have because it gets connected to achievement at school and work.

10. Extraversion 

Extraversion is probably among the greatest character traits. An extravert is generally a social butterfly. Extraverts are outgoing, chatty, or draw power from crowds. Their social relationships are more assertive and cheerful.

Introverts, on the other hand, need a lot of lone time. Introverts are very frequently encompassed with shyness. This shyness might indicate a fear of social connections or a lack of smooth social functioning. Introverts could be delightful at parties — they just choose to engage in solo or small-group actions.

11. Positive Expectations

When we think positively and expect good things to come out of our lives, we attract them in for real. This is the law of attraction. The law states that our positive or negative thoughts attract positive or negative experiences for us. The kind of consequences we find ourselves reflect our expectations from life. Expecting positive things will get us positive things. 

12. Expect to succeed.

Expect popularity when you come across new people. Expect success in your field. Success only comes to those who work for it and believe in it. Slowly you start noticing that when we think positively, things get moving in the right direction. 

These were some of the traits that you should strive to instill in your personality. It will not happen overnight as it is not an easy task to accomplish but hey, hang in there because you will get there. 



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