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Hydration: Why It Is So Important to Stay Hydrated?

As we all know, Water is the basic need of all living beings because in a human being body composition is up to 60% water, most of it present in the cells of the body. 

Water is the most important component of the human body. Different age groups carry a different quantity of water to remain healthy like, the body of a newborn baby consists of 75% of water, the body of an adult contains 60% water and the elderly body contains 50% of water. 

Different organs of a body need a different amount of water for their survival. Our brain and heart need almost 73% of water.

Lungs composed of almost 83% water. The skin contains 63%, muscles and kidneys are 79%. Even our bones are 31% water.

Here is the answer, that water is life, without water life can not imagine.


Water is an essential element to the human body which maintains our body healthy.

It removes toxins from our body through sweating and urine. Water is the only source to stay hydrated.

Many different options are available in the market in the form of packed juices, cold drinks, flavored energy drinks but plain water is the best choice to remain hydrated.

Water is the need as it delivers various minerals to the body.

Water performs several physiological functions as it controls the body temperature, carrier for nutrients, and helps to remove waste products outside the body.

It allows food to get dissolve in the bloodstream, it helps to circulate digested food into the different cells. Water transport all the essential nutrients into the bloodstream.

It helps in the digestion process by breaking down complex food into glucose.


World Health Organization advises drinking at least 8 glasses of water in a day which is the necessity of a human’s body to perform his/ her daily activities. 

We can take water from fruits, vegetables, and water itself. Water from other resources is not enough to fulfill the necessity of the body. If our body does not consume enough water, we fall sick. 

Several diseases can cause due to the improper intake of water, lack of water, or impure water. 


Dehydration can be of two types- mild and chronic. Mild dehydration can occur when only 1-2% of body weight loss due to insufficient intake of water.

It may go with common symptoms such as headaches, thirst, sleepy, or tiredness. Chronic dehydration is more common in summers. Do not ignore it. Drink more water as a precaution. 

Lack of energy

Due to lack of water, the body’s metabolic rate decreases which seems exhausted and energy goes down.


Yes, you read it right as the lack of water can increase body weight or obesity. As water, itself does not lose weight by burning fat but it plays an important role in weight loss.

Drinking more water helps in the removal of toxins and waste products outside the body. The stomach feels full and we eat less which is direct helps in weight loss. So, if you want to lose weight get up and add more water to your diet. 

Premature aging


Our skin needs water, if we drink lots of water in a day it purifies blood which reduces the aging properties and our skin feels young. It is the best anti-aging component.


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Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is of two types- high and low. For balanced blood pressure, our transport system needs water to work become serviceable because it removes the toxins and improves the circulatory system.

Urine Infection

It is a major cause of the lack of water in our bodies. Water is the need for the proper functioning of kidneys. Whenever there is a lack of water in our body, our body gets dehydrated which results in urine infection.

Digestive System

Different organs in our body secretes different types of juices. If there is a lack of water in the body, the secretion of juices will also affect which causes several diseases.


The major problem in today’s world is Cholesterol.

Adequate amounts of water intake result in good cholesterol and the inadequate amount of cholesterol causes bad cholesterol which is harmful to health.


In our digestive system, the large intestine is responsible to absorb the most of the water present in the digestive system.

If we drink less water, the intestine will absorb less which results in hard stool or constipation. The doctor prescribes to drink more water during constipation.

Immune System

For a healthy Immune system, water is the necessary component. Pollution is the major cause of various respiratory diseases, to protect ourselves from the problems we must drink much water as water helps in clearing our respiratory tract as it helps to keep mucus membrane wet.

If mucus membrane dries it results in mouth ulcers. Drink plenty of water to boost your immunity.


To avoid these issues, you should intake an adequate amount of water even when you do not feel thirsty. Drink water in a sip -sip manner. Sick people should drink more water as water helps to get well soon. 

How much water intake is the need of your body?

Drink a glass of water for almost one hour. The more you drink, the more you go to the toilet which maintains an appropriate water level in your body.

If you do not drink much water, you go to the toilet less which is the root of various up listed diseases. 

Keep in mind to intake pure water, contaminated water causes health issues. Contaminated water can purify through various technologies.

Reverse osmosis process removes unwanted minerals and makes water fit for drinking. This is the cheapest method to purify water. 

girl resting after exercises in the gym

Always maintain your intake, you can consume water in any form except the packed juices. You can eat fresh fruit as it contains water, drink fresh juices.

Various food items contain water: Strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, cucumber, oranges, lime, melon, etc. 

There is an amazing fact, drinking too much water can also be dangerous. Drinking too much water can lower down the salts level present in the body. This condition is knowing as hypothermia, It can be serious but rare chances leads to death. This happens because our body has not the ability to store more than the required amount of water. 

Sometimes, stomach pain attacks when we drink too much water at one time. This is the time when electrolytes of our body reduce.


Most of the athletes are at higher risk of over-hydration, as they drink lots of water during the event. Over-hydration can cause heart failure too. 

Here are some tips to drink adequate amount of water:

Always carry a water bottle wherever you go. 

Focus on the different sources of water.

Skip sugary or caffeine contained fluids.

Drink at least two glasses of water first thing in the morning.

If you are sweating, make sure to replenish the lost fluid with fluid.

If you are pregnant, increase your intake of water as it helps in the growth of your fetus.

If you a lactating mother, drink more water as it helps to increase the production of milk.

Whenever you feel thirsty, drink water.

During high heat and exercise, drink enough water to compensate for the loss of fluids. 

Drink More! Live More!!

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