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The Growing Pandemic of Coronavirus -COVID-19

The alarming condition of the world right now created due to this microscopic organism is taking a huge toll on our lives. COVID-19 also known as SARS-COV-2 belongs to the family of coronavirus. Seem to have originated from a bat, this virus has infected over 4 million people across the globe, being one of the most contagious viruses known to mankind.

How to deal with the current scenario???

Some researchers believe that this virus will be with us for a long time. Therefore lockdown, which was initially thought to be the best option for humans, might not be the ultimate solution to this pandemic. The economy of a country has faced some of the worst hits due to COVID-19. While work from home could be applicable for some people but others may not have this option therefore eventually businesses have to re-open and people have to get back to their lives while accepting this virus to be a part of their day to day routine.

Who are the most vulnerable people to this infection???

Elderly people as well as people with any underlying condition such as diabetes or heart problems etc should be extra cautious. Approximately 90% of people seem to recover from this disease with almost no complexity or severity but old age or pre-existing medical condition affects the immunity of the individual thus causing complications.

Some commons myths and facts about SARS-COV-2

Can coronavirus be spread through food or water?

Well, so far there have been no cases reported where scientists could claim the contamination of food and water with the virus leading to its spread. It does not mean that coronavirus cannot be spread through food or drinking water rather it means that there is not even evidence to say if it does or doesn’t.

Does drinking alcohol kill the coronavirus?

Even though using 70% alcohol-based sanitizers for disinfection prove to help in killing or inactivating the virus but no studies have been reported so far on the consumption of alcohol being effective in killing the virus. On the contrary alcohol consumption is proven to reduce the immunity of the individual, therefore, making him an easier target of the virus. Hence take care of your health and avoid the consumption of alcohol.

Are masks effective against the coronavirus disease?

Well, this might be a contradictory opinion because wearing masks have been made compulsory in almost all the nations of the world. According to the facts that we have, wearing normal masks made of cotton fabric or any absorbent material or even surgical masks are not a 100% guarantee for you to not get infected by an infected individual in your proximity, but it will surely reduce the chances of infection. Therefore healthcare workers are asked to wear N95 masks which are more effective for close interaction and treatment of the COVID patients.

However, not everyone needs N95 masks, hence it will be wasteful for normal people to use specialized N95 masks which could create a shortage for the healthcare workers. Therefore wearing masks surely act as a barrier between individuals which reduces the chances of infection.

Is the coronavirus disease more severe than the flu?

The contagious nature, as well as the unknown factors in the COVID-19 infection such as no sure shot drug for treatment, makes this disease more severe than the normal flu. However, the biggest relief is that even though it is highly contagious but if all necessary precautions are taken or in case of infection medical aid is provided the disease itself has a low mortality rate.

COVID crisis in India!

India has definitely slowed down the infection rate by the lockdown step taken up earlier than many developed countries, which has proven to be successful in many ways. But as the lockdown is easing in few areas where there are fewer cases or no cases at all referred to like orange and green zone respectively, the movement across the zones can still cause the conditions to go worse.

The movement of migrant workers across the borders poses a major threat these days since a large number of these are found to be positive for the virus upon testing. Even the air travel cannot be the best option during this pandemic since the aviation minister denied the plan of keeping the middle seat vacant when the flight operations resume. Therefore one must take strict precautions and only travel if extremely necessary. Some states have even made institutional quarantine, for 14 days, mandatory for people traveling and coming from other states. Suspension of domestic flights and trains left people stranded away from their homes.

In such scenarios also we should not forget the commendable work of our healthcare workers and the police staff. Along with all the people who are involved in providing essential services during these tough times.

How is life going to look like in a few months?

Social distancing will be a key feature if we wish to live our lives comfortably while this viral threat remains. A complete lockdown cannot last forever since it will have both social and economic after-effects. According to the United Nations Development Program, the impact of this disease may vary from country to country, it will most likely increase inequalities and poverty all across the globe.

Even powerful nations are facing a serious financial crisis because of this pandemic. Some seem to value the life of their people whereas others seem to focus on their financial front more. Therefore the question remains what should be considered more important, lives, or economy. Well it cannot be a black and white decision since both the things are equally important therefore the government should come up with a strategy that strikes a balance between both.

Things have started to come back to the old routine. A district-based guideline is being followed for handling the situations in most of the states. Various government advisories have come up with relaxations in businesses involving human interactions while following social distancing and appropriate hygiene.

But there still are a few sectors whose functionality remains a huge challenge because of the amount of human interaction involved such as the apparel stores, where trying the garment may be a huge question now. Restaurants may not have the same amount of business as seen before this pandemic due to mandatory social distancing. Pubs and clubs may not work like the old times. Weddings with a huge number of people may not be seen for a while. The tourism industry would also face a huge loss due to the virus.

Overall we should not let our minds get affected and dis-heartened because of this pandemic rather learn to live with it and become a better version of ourselves. Also, we should not forget to help the people around us who may be in need. Just because we are socially distancing from the crowd does not mean we need to emotionally distance ourselves as well especially when staying connected with the world is just a click away. The social media platforms have made our lives convenient enough to deal with the current situation.

Therefore, with no vaccine to prevent the infection from this virus in hand, our only option is to prevent the infection by social distancing and maintaining good hygiene practices.

Stay home!. Stay healthy!. Take care!

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