Korean skin care routine for glowing skin at Home


Beauty plays a huge role in Korean culture. Koreans take immense pride in their glowing skin and therefore invest a lot of time, effort, and money on maintaining its health. They probably spend more on skincare than they spend on makeup. Korean men and women, both pay attention to what they eat and how they take care of their skin. The radiant skin that Koreans seem to have is not due to a miracle. Rather, it is because of their consistent effort and attention to their skincare routines. This is also one reason Koreans look younger than their age.

In the recent past, Korean skincare products and tips have become very popular around the world. Their skincare brands have taken the beauty stores around the world by storm. Koreans seem to do a lot for their skin. Their daily skincare routine can seem taxing as it requires extensive effort. Many of us will not even be willing to dedicate so much time to skincare due to our busy lives, our indifference, or our laziness.

Perhaps you will not have to dedicate so much time to skincare and can still get radiant skin. Rather than engaging with the entire Korean skincare routine, you can adopt just a few of their tricks that are not too time-consuming. After all, not all of us aspire to their level of beauty standards. But incorporating just a few of their tips cannot possibly harm us and can, in fact, take us a long way in our skincare journey.


Here are some easier tips of a Korean skincare routine that you can incorporate without having to change your daily life.

1. Cleansing just once is not enough

According to Korean skincare experts, washing your face just once with a face wash is not enough. Even after cleansing, it still leaves a lot of impurities on your skin. Therefore, first, wash your face with an oil-based cleanser and then with a regular foaming face wash. The oil-based cleanser is exceptionally effective in removing stubborn makeup leftovers. If you do not want to do too much for your skin, at least follow this tip as unclean skin leads to problems related to pimple break-outs and skin clogging. Make it a habit of cleansing your face before going to bed. It is okay if you do not do so throughout the day, but doing it once before you go to bed is essential as your skin cells get rejuvenated at night.   

2. Exfoliate twice every week

Exfoliation is very important for lustrous skin. It helps in purifying the skin more efficiently, even the hidden spots that are not visible to your eyes. It is important to exfoliate twice every week. It deep cleanses your skin. But make sure you do not over-exfoliate. Be gentle while exfoliating your skin as it can be harsh for your skin if not done properly. It can also lead to dry skin and eradication of the protective layer of your skin. Another way in which you can exfoliate your skin instead of using your regular exfoliator is by using a towel. Soak your towel in scalding water and then rub it on your skin. This method of exfoliation is used by many Koreans for better results.

3. The essence is a must in Korean skincare

Koreans never forget to apply essence on their face before putting moisturizer. Many non-Korean people think that toner and essence are the same and can be used interchangeably when, in reality, they are not. While toner is a very light hydrating skincare product used directly after cleansing, the essence contains many nutrients essential for your skin. It also helps to lock everything in your skin after you have washed your face. 

5. Sheet masks are a must


Buying sheet masks is like buying groceries for Koreans. It is an indispensable part of their daily skincare routine. Apply sheet masks at least weekly if you can not do it daily. It does not require much effort on your part. After cleansing and applying toner, just put on a sheet mask at night for fifteen minutes before going to bed. It helps restore moisture and oxygen in your skin. Sheet masks are also very soothing for the skin. It is great for self-care too, as it has a calming effect on you. Apply a sheet mask while watching something or even while working as it does not require water. Once you are done, your skin will feel smooth and refreshed. Apply the remainder of the serum on your skin and neck as it is hydrating.

4. Massage your skin

Koreans swear by this method and even practice different massaging techniques for better skin. Massaging your face helps in stimulating blood circulation. It is also a good way to help your skin absorb all your skincare products like moisturizer, toner, and essence effectively. Massaging your skin with your fingers in a rotational motion but in an upwards direction is the most common massaging technique that Koreans practice. This technique helps you avoid wrinkled skin. It does not take long and one can do this while doing something else.     

6. Practice mouth stretches

To maintain your facial structure and youthfulness, practice easy mouth stretches. The best part of this is that you can do it anywhere; you can do it while walking or working or even while bathing. Just exaggeratedly pronounce A-E-I-O-U thrice every day for better results. As per Koreans, it helps to brighten skin tone and also increases blood circulation in the face. 

7. Drink barley tea for healthy skin


Koreans drink roasted barley tea to keep their skin glowing and healthy. Barley tea is rich in antioxidants and also helps in removing toxins from your body. For healthy and glowing skin, it is not just the skin that you need to concentrate on, but also on maintaining a healthy body. It also improves the blood circulation of your body that improves your skin.   

8. Never break the ten-second rule

Korean beauty experts say that it is best to apply your toner or moisturizer within ten seconds of washing your face. According to them, this is the best time frame in which your skin absorbs the maximum of your face product. After that, there is really no point in applying any skincare product as it would not get absorbed easily. In fact, it might clog your skin pores, making it lose its moisture. If you want to lock the moisture in your skin, apply your skincare products as soon as you finish washing your face or right after you come out of the shower. 

Many have proclaimed this routine to be a holy grail to have good skin. Do not lose patience and keep at it regularly. You will see your skin gradually get transformed for the better

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