Top 10 must-have apps to use while traveling


Travelling seems fun and exciting on screen, but in reality, there are a lot of many factors involved in it that makes it smooth. From booking your tickets and accommodation to finding good places to visit and eat at, everything needs to be thought about and planned out in advance for a safe and easy trip. The whole idea of traveling spontaneously and backpacking seems adventurous and carefree, but even that requires some kind of planning, even if it is very basic and minimal. But do not get bogged down by the notion that planning and managing on your own are difficult. It is not too easy, but if you know what you want and what to do, it becomes easier. 

To help you with that, here is a list of apps that will make the planning and traveling part less hectic and tedious for you. These apps will take care of all your worries from planning, booking, staying, and traveling. It does not matter if you are the spontaneous type or the planning type; you need to have these apps on your phone to have a peaceful trip. 

All the apps listed below are free. Make use of them to cruise through all your preparations for a smooth, hassle-free trip-

1. Skyscanner


This app helps you book flights, hotels, and rental cars. Its latest search data allows the app to compile a list of the cheapest flight options for you to choose from. It will also send you alerts when the prices change and will tell you what the cheapest date to fly is. It also recommends the available travel deals being offered by your nearest airport. Apart from that, it recommends travel destinations with discounts to help you decide. This app is available for free for both ios and android users.

2. PackPoint


One of the most tedious parts about traveling is creating a checklist for all the things you need to remember or do. There is a lot of ground to cover while packing as you need to think of the weather conditions, electronics, and amenities. It binds you to forget one thing or the other. This is where the PackPoint app comes handy as with this app, you do not have to worry about such things. Fill in your destination and travel dates and planned activities in the app, and it will create a list of all the necessary items you will need based on the weather conditions of that place. Both ios and android users can use this app for free.

3. Wifi Map


In this technology-laden world, you constantly need your phone and an internet connection. Both of them are essential while traveling as they will keep you from getting lost or will let you contact someone if you get in trouble. While traveling, weak signals, slow internet connection, exhausted data pack, etc are among the common problems faced by travelers. By downloading Wifi Map, one can avoid such conditions. This app helps you find out your nearest hotspots and their passwords. We can also use this app offline to save data and as free for everyone.   

4. SitOrSquat


This app helps search for a restroom or public washroom nearest to you. This app is very useful for when you are on the go, as it could be difficult to locate or find nearly washrooms otherwise. With a wide range of data, it helps you find the nearest location of a washroom along with their ratings. So you do not have to worry about cleanliness or hygiene problems. This app is also available for free for both ios and android users.

5. XE Currency


This app is beneficial if you are planning to travel abroad. The most confusing part of foreign trips is dealing with the currency exchange. This app helps you by giving live exchange rates for currencies around the world. Now you no longer have to make the conversion in your head while shopping or eating in a restaurant, as it will help you make quick conversions.    

6. Google translates


If you are traveling to a place, you do not know the local or the national language of, then this app is very useful for you. This app allows you to translate words or sentences in any language you want. Just write the word or sentence and then choose the language you wish to translate it to and see the results. You can even upload the handwritten text or pictures to translate or use the voice command to give instructions and convert. It is an easy app to use and is available for free for both ios and android users. 

7. Uber app


When traveling, this is a good app to book cabs for riding intercity and outstations. Uber is a widely known app and is available for local use and, in many countries around the world. You can see the map of your route and the travel charges before booking. This is better than trusting a shady local cab service for traveling as you get the details of the driver and car. The app also allows you to share your location with your family or friends for safety. 

8. Pocket


When you have to make a long journey to reach your destination, you need something to pass time apart from music and the outside scenery. The Pocket app will come in handy during such times. This app allows you to read from any webpage or site available online. You can even save articles and books from any website or webpage along with information on attractions, eating places, and other recommendations. Both ios and android users can use this app free of cost.

9. Google maps


This app is the best for navigation and travel. Many of us already use it for our daily commute. The app allows you to search for any location you want in the world and provides the best route to reach that place. Although this app requires a working internet connection, it also gives you an option to save maps offline. So even when you do not have internet or signal in your phone, you can pull out the offline map saved in your device to navigate. 

10. Trip advisor


This app is one of the best when it comes to recommendations and reviews on accommodation and places to visit. You can search for places to eat, stay, and visit while traveling. With so many reviews from people around the world, it makes choosing the best place according to your needs easy for you. You can even lookup flights and lodging options along with the travel experiences of other people. 

These apps are free and easy to use, all you need is just a phone. Now make your trip convenient and hassle-free by making use of these apps while traveling locally or abroad.  

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