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Top 6 Tips to Stay in Trend this SPRING

Spring is hands down the most favorite season for all the fashion lovers out there. The sunny days and cool breeze make it the perfect season to play with your wardrobe.

Though this year, there haven’t been many chances to put on and show off new clothes outside of our homes due to the country-wide lockdown. There is no reason why we should not look forward to being in style and following the trends while staying in the comforts of our home.

Many of us are dreaming of exploring and experimenting with the latest fashion trends to make it more suitable for our comfortable, work-from-home wardrobes. While our fancy dresses and outfits lie in the cupboards. Loungewear, comfy pajamas, and loose t-shirts are seeing the day of light more than ever before.

But as they say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Be it making videos, clicking innumerable pictures, or attending zoom meetings and video calls, we all have a chance to bring out our inner fashionistas and flaunt our style.

Here are Six tips to follow the latest trends this spring while staying at home.

1. Wear pastel shades

Pastels have been there for the longest time. The light and soothing shades make for the perfect choice of color in the spring season. These shades invoke images of candies, happy places, and innocence that just instantly lift your mood.

If you are light-skinned, soft lavender, pale peaches, and baby blue are your best friends to pick up on this trend. The most extensive array of pastel shades is enjoyed by the medium skinned, mint greens, lovely pinks, and dove grey will make your features pop out. Dark skin with warm traces should opt for pastel yellows and purples to bring out that extra effect.

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Monochromatic pastel outfits highlight your exposed skin in an outfit you can mix and match different pastel shades and use accessories to give your outfit a quirky effect, but don’t overdo it. Wearing a statement pastel piece like a blazer or a trench coat over a plain white outfit will give your outfit an appeal for that video call.

Also, you can pair your pastel shirt or dress with a denim jacket to add texture. Pastel colors can be made to look sporty, edgy, and feminine, all at the same time. You can wear them everywhere, for your office meetings or just a casual day with your loved ones.  

2. Play with Prints

Florals are a staple print in every woman’s spring/summer wardrobe. Every year we put on that floral dress wherever we go because it’s just so feminine and fresh. While the floral prints remain a constant, this year, go with Big or Ditsy prints.

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Animal prints with significant leaf motifs are in trend this summer and make for a perfect choice for a cool, breezy day and get that holiday feel. Most of the designers this season are opting for big illusional motifs that mess with your eyes. Abstract and optical illusional prints are something you should look out for.

Also, you can experiment with polka dots as they make a comeback this season. Wearing a white polka dot shirt with black pants is just the look you need for a zoom meeting. Just try to avoid a print on print look unless you choose to layer it as it appears to be chaotic. Check blouses and Dresses are also in this season.

3. Try the tie-dye trend

Tie-dye prints have been the talk of the town this season. This print reminds us of the older and simpler times. It has a feeling of happiness and freedom associated with it. You can take inspiration from celebrities like Lady Gaga and Camilla Cabello and create your DIY tie-dye outfits at home, making it one of the favorite quarantine pastimes.

credit: pinterest

You can turn your boring old plain t-shirt into a fashion statement for your wardrobe. Make sure to go for bright or neon colors to make your outfit stand out. Be it sandals, hoodies, dresses, or accessories; tie-dyes can be seen everywhere this summer. A bright tie-dyed sweatshirt over matching track pants is all you need this season to add color in your lives.

4. Have fun with fabrics

Cotton is the basic fabric found in almost every spring collection. The breathable and lightweight fabric is perfect to be worn on any hot day during the summers. It helps in keeping moisture away from your body and maintain their structure. A basic cotton tee with comfy pajamas is your go-to outfit in this quarantine.

You can also opt for linen as it is very comfortable during rising temperatures. It is also breathable and won’t let the sweat stick to your body.


Crochet bralette and flower or pattern mesh are also the newest trends this season. Inventive sheer pairings can completely get rid of the see-through feature of the fabric. Bralette can be wear under a sheer shirt or a Jacket. One can also wear it casually, pair it with a lightweight and deep neck knitted top.

5. Oversized Valentino sleeves

The statement Victorian sleeves are the hottest trend this season. The oversized sleeves give a dramatic effect to your outfit. They give us a sense of romanticism and power. You can show them off without a need to wear a jacket or a coat on top and that shows the beauty of it.

credit: pinterest

They are a little bit edgy and look the best in white with a choice of some sheer or lace detailing. Pair them up with some high waisted pants or summer shorts to make your outfit super empowering and sexy at the same time.

6. Footwear

If we are going to stay at home all day, we need relaxing footwear to keep our feet happy and cozy. Faux fur slippers are a perfect option if you are at home all day. They are soft and keep your feet relaxed and warm. Opt for soft soles and avoid heels as they can cause various problems if worn for a long time.

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Strappy sandals and modern loafers are also some of the options which you can choose from to complete your outfit as they are very versatile. If you are into bold looks, you can pair your maxi dress with a clinched waist and chunky boots as they are the most sought after shoes this season.

You can also wear thigh high boots in different patterns to give your outfit an edge. If you are into heels, you can opt for the classic Mary jane pumps or bold platform heels to make your outfit look more aesthetic.   

The Bottom Line

So, here are some of my tips to follow this year if you want to be on-trend. The Spring/ Summer season is the most fun playground for all our inner fashion queens. It makes for the perfect opportunity to channelize the fashionistas within us. Experiment with your outfits and dress according to your personality. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. You can get inspiration from designers across the globe and be quirky with your looks, or you can stick to the classic sweater-skirt look to create a chic outfit. Remember the secret of great style is to feel good in whatever you wear.




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