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Unhealthy life style problems and Solution

From waking up early in the morning and rushing for the first cup of coffee to sleeping at night with a glass of wine, we have seen some drastic lifestyle changes in the recent past. The sun doesn’t wake people up anymore, it is the caffeine that has taken up the charge.

Humans have become dependent on technology and seem to behave like a slave in front of it. The world is progressing each day but somehow not all the progress seems to be towards the betterment of the human race.

The sunrise and sunsets have lost their charm in our daily lives and have become a part of our weekend getaway plans. The hectic schedules force us to be on our toes all the time. People seem to have forgotten the importance of vitamin D and prefer the convenience of a store-bought pill.

Try to remember the last time you sat and sipped a cup of tea in complete silence. Can u re-call the last time you heard the chirping of the birds? Probably not!. Waking up early in the morning and doing yoga or meditation and then starting the day seems like a tough choice these days.

We are progressing each day aiming for a better world but sometimes it comes at the cost of an unhealthy lifestyle.

People should not forget the fact that everything around them is as important as their mental and physical state. Joint pains and high blood pressure are no more diseases related to elderly people.

Our healthcare system has improved infinitesimally but so has the number of diseases that an average human being suffers from, in his entire life. The average life span of an individual has significantly reduced.

Be it partying till midnight or endless Netflix hours, the body suffers a lot more than we would like to admit.

So let us have a look at some of the most frequent as well as unhealthy habits or choices of humans these days.

  • Lack of sleep: This is a very common lifestyle pick of people nowadays. It may be due to the excessive workload, work-life imbalance, or simply because you feel more energetic at night. Sometimes sleeplessness could also be caused due to other unhealthy lifestyle choices such as excessive caffeine intake messing with our sleep cycle.
  • Junk food: Pizzas, burgers, french fries have become the staple food for people these days. They seem to have replaced the healthy grains and green veggies that are extremely nutritious and beneficial for human beings. Being tasty and easy to cook they have become the current favorite of all ages.
  • Alcohol consumption: Be it an office party, or a house party people have started enjoying occasions with liquor more than ever, making it almost a necessity for them. Liver cirrhosis is one of the leading causes of death these days but people hardly pay heed to it.
  • Smoking: It is one of the most addictive habits known to mankind. Although a packet of cigarettes itself warns people of its carcinogenic properties but still people seem to have turned a blind eye towards it. The oxygen pumping powerhouse of the body has transformed into a chimney absorbing nicotine.
  • Exercise less: Busy schedules, nine to five jobs, and then hectic lifestyles have made people ignore one of the most important things for a healthy lifestyle. More often than not people take going to the gym as a recreational activity. The lifestyle of people these days have forced them to be a couch potato. Long hours of sitting in front of computers and almost no physical activity are considered to be inevitable.

The list of these lifestyle choices is never-ending, just like the problems that it creates. It is not unknown to the world that our ancestors were way smarter in their lifestyle choices. They did not need treadmills to burn calories, rather working in the fields or doing their household chores was enough to keep them in shape. They led a comparatively healthy and long life. We, on the other hand, face a lot of health-related issues because of the choices that we make.


is somehow not considered a serious problem by the crowd. People do not want to realize that it is caused due to their messed up lifestyle choices and is a dangerous problem. The junk that we consume on a daily basis comprises bread, potatoes and a lot of fried stuff. These unhealthy things then settle in our bodies and get converted to fat. No or minimal workout done by the body is not enough to burn the number of unhealthy calories that we consume in a day.

Heart problems

including an increase in cholesterol or blockage of arteries are some of the common problems that we hear these days. The heart, being the pumping organ of the body has to bear a lot because of this misbehavior of ours.

This fast-moving life that we are leading not only causes physical but also causes mental disturbances. Depression and anxiety are some of the common problems faced by people these days.

Solution is easily available

I believe that good food is the key to a happy mood. Eating junk may make you feel bloated and hence drop your energy levels a bit. Stress is a state of mind that is no longer restricted to elderly people. Even school going kids are facing stress dealing with their course work and seem to not enjoy the process of learning.

Having said all about the unhealthy decisions that we make daily and the problems associated with it, we should not feel helpless about it. There is a cure to every problem if we have the will power to solve it. Simple steps could make a huge difference.

Bed tea is a Bad Tea

For example, try switching your morning coffee with a cup of herbal tea. This will not only help u energize with natural ingredients but all help you in boosting your immune system. You can always include a little bit of workout in your busy schedule by walking and taking stairs instead of lifts and escalators. The cardio need not restrict you to treadmills.

Morning Workout to be extra fit

Thirty minutes of a home workout should be enough starting motivation for an individual to get into the habit of exercising. With the convenience of online workout classes and millions of workout videos available online, you can easily help your self become a better version of yourself.

And the most Important thing ..

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise, should not be forgotten in the current times.

Last but not least, never forget the importance of a healthy and nutritious meal. Your mind and body are a result of what u in-take. So indulge in mindful eating. Limit your portion size and include fruits, nuts, and green vegetables as a core part of your diet.

After reading all this do not feel overwhelmed. Try one step at a time if obeying everything seems like a huge task to accomplish. At least something is better than nothing. If you feel pressured in following these tips alone then maybe ask a friend or a family member to be a part of it too. Do not feel disheartened if u don’t notice immediate results. Remember good things take time so try to enjoy the process as well.

Stay healthy! Stay positive! Stay happy!



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