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Goa has been the dream destination spot for many of us. The blue waves, golden sand, old churches, and historic ruins have tempted many in the country. Most of us have tried to plan at least one Goa trip with our friends after school or during college. But unfortunately, these plans have failed because of one or the other reason. 

Goa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India and also garners the attention of many foreign travelers. The nightlife, beaches, and Portuguese architecture are the major reasons many of us want to explore Goa at least once in our life. Goa seems like the perfect place to have fun, unwind, and just enjoy life. The laid-back lifestyle of Goans inspires us to not take life too seriously and to go with the flow. 

It might seem like convincing your friends to go on a trip to Goa and planning a budget-friendly trip is too much work. And this makes you give up or postpone your trip for later, hoping the conditions will be more favorable by then. But why should you give up on your dream destination when planning this trip is not as difficult as it seems? But, with the budget-friendly part, we have got you all covered. 

By following these simple and useful tips, you can easily plan a budget-friendly trip to Goa:   

1. Traveling cost


The best way to reduce your travel expenses would be to book your tickets well in advance, as last-minute bookings will cost you a lot more. If you book tickets in advance, you will most likely get better, cost-effective deals. You can travel comfortably via a train or a bus, depending upon your location. Both options will also be cheaper than a flight. By saving additional money on travel and conveyance, you can afford to increase your expenditure on exploring and staying in Goa.

2. Rent a bike or a scooter

Goa is a tiny state and you can practically cover the whole place in about two days. Traveling through a cab every day can be a little expensive; therefore, it will be best if you rent a scooter or a bike. This option is way cheaper than traveling by cab as you can rent a scooter on a per-day basis for as cheap as Rs 400.

Most of the Goa have narrow roads amidst the green coconut trees that are best suited for bikes and scooters. Along with cost-effective traveling, bikes and scooters are very fun. It allows you to remember places and routes, and you can even stop whenever you want to check out a cool site that you spot while riding around. Many tourists prefer this way of traveling in Goa as it is easy and gives complete independence.    

3. Visit during the off-season


The peak season for tourism in Goa lies between October and February. Especially around Christmas and New Year, the state gets occupied by both Indian and foreign tourists. The ticket price also skyrockets around this time because of the increase in demand. Hence, consider visiting Goa during the off-season, like in the monsoon, to get even cheaper deals. The travel cost will be comparatively low and even the hotels and resorts have good deals going on.

This will allow you to stay in a nice place for a cheap price. The monsoon season is perfect to visit Goa if you don’t mind isolation and peace. It does not pack the beaches with tourists like they get in winter and you get to experience peace and tranquillity. Rains in a monsoon can feel endearing, provided you do not see it as gloomy weather.

4. Book homestays

After commuting, another thing which costs a lot while traveling is accommodation. If you are on a budget for your Goa trip, then you will have to compromise on your accommodation expense. Spend less on accommodation makes sense as anyway, most of your time will be spent outside in exploring the place.

You just need a decent bedroom with essential facilities to stay in. Other than trying to book a cheap hotel, book homestays. Booking homestays like Airbnb or hostels are a great option for saving money. They provide a comfortable stay with minimum charges. The amenities and comfort in homestays can also be much better than a 2/3 star hotel. 

5. Find affordable eateries


Food is another mind-boggling aspect of planning a budget-friendly trip. You cannot help spending a little with food because most likely, you will eat out most of the time. So managing your expenditure on food, try looking for cheaper eating options.

Try to avoid eating in cafes or restaurants present on the beach. These beach cafes seem very convenient because of their location, because of which they are costlier than other restaurants. Looking for cheap eateries in Goa is not that difficult of a task. You will find some amazing and delicious eateries that will cost you far less than a popular restaurant.

6. Use deals while partying

We know Goa for its partying. It’s only natural that almost all of us want to have a taste of that party life. But the only thing is that living that party life in Goa can be more expensive than you expect if you know nothing about it. Doing excellent research on the prices of clubs and pubs is the best solution for this problem.

Another thing that can become the game-changer is well using the deals. They will charge you less for entry fees in a club if you have a partner. You can go as a couple with a friend or approach someone outside the club. If you are a woman, then many places offer special discounts and deals on ladies’ night or special days. All of this information is available online on the official pages of the clubs. 

7. Sightseeing with no entry fees


Goa is filled with beaches, waterfalls, and forts. To take the maximum advantage of the place, do more sightseeing at places that do not have any entry fees rather than visiting places that have entry fees. Most of the places in Goa are free of cost and make use of this opportunity to the fullest. The best part about Goa is that they lade it with waterfalls, ancient ruins, and lakes. Anyone can find these hidden nooks and creeks easily. They can be your place to hang out if you want t get away from other tourists.   

Planning a trip to Goa on a tight budget will be much easier if you take into account the tips mentioned above. Goa is not as expensive as it seems. You will realize this fact if you will prepare in advance and plan smartly.

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