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What do you get inspired by during lock down

I have terrible home-sickness and living away from my family has always been tough for me. Therefore being fortunate enough to have a job that I can work on at the comfort of my home, has been a blessing for me.

Some people might feel that sitting at home and not being able to go out, is making them uninterested in work as well as unhappy in their personal lives. 

Lock down and social distancing due to the current situation of corona virus all around the world is something that we have never experienced before. It is tough for all of us in some or the other way and due to this, we seem to have lost interest in doing things.

Sometimes it is difficult to feel motivated to pursue what you want, even if it is the most interesting thing to do. For days like these, you just need a small spark of inspiration to ignite the fire within you which would then keep you going for a long time. 

Even creators and artists are feeling it difficult to find an inspiration that keeps them motivated to go on!…

Few things that get me inspired and probably will get you too!!!!

1. An honest compliment

Imagine having a dull and tiring day, and your colleague walks up to you and compliments the color of your outfit.

It won’t make you forget your problems but it will certainly give you a small reason to smile for a few minutes.

This small compliment will not only lift your mood but will also inspire you to work efficiently for the rest of the day.

2. Money

Looking at the present day problems it will not be wrong to say that money can solve 50% of your problems.

Be it education or food, you need money to buy everything.

If you don’t feel like working but you get your salary credited in your bank account, it might make you get back to work with focus.

At the end of the day, money is becoming a problem solver and a healing solution to many of our problems. Having said all this, it can be considered as a strong contender in the list of things to get you inspired.

3. Nature

I personally love the beaches. There is nothing that gives me more peace than watching rhythmic waves sitting on the seashore.

If I feel demotivated and low, some quality time spent at the beach can instill new energy in me.

Watching the sunrise from a mountain top can be equally inspiring.

At the end of the day, it is a personal choice. 

4. Learning something new

Is your life getting monotonous and dull??… try learning something new. It can be anything from trying to cook your favorite cuisine to learning a new language.

Do something that brings a change in your life and your current mood. Working endlessly may not give you enough time for yourself therefore when you feel overworked just take a break and breathe.

If possible do something that lifts your mood and brings back the energy.

5. Reading

Books are the best teacher one can have. Got no mood to get up from the bed?… No worries just pick up a self-help book from your bedside table and read something inspiring.

You will be surprised to see your mood change in minutes. Not in the mood of reading a book?… Scroll through a motivational quotes board on Pinterest and read something that inspires you. 

6. Friend circle

Having supportive friends while going through a breakup is something most of us would have experienced at some point in life.

Being with friends brings in a new sort of energy and heals all the pain one must be suffering from.

We all have that one friend who we can call at any time of the day and crib about something or just laugh for hours with. 

7. Charity

A problem which you would be facing might seem insignificant in front of other people in the world. Don’t lose hope and will power. Try helping out others and seek the happiness that you would feel after that.

Have you ever seen a kid’s face filled with joy on receiving a new toy??… Now imagine yourself to be the source of that joy on his face… It will make you forget all your sorrows and inspire you to do more good.

8. Internet

Yes, you read it correctly!!!… It is not always a bad thing that you need to stay away from. It has done wonders in some people’s lives. It can be used to learn new things and explore what may seem out of reach without the internet. 

9. Change of environment

Do you sit at one particular place every day to work?…. Try switching up your location.

If you work from home on your work desk then get up grab your stuff and spend a couple of hours working in a nearby coffee shop sipping some good coffee with cookies.

Following a routine can make things dull, so try to change the environment once in a while to get back in the mood.

10. Journaling

Sometimes you might not feel like pouring your heart out in front of other people. These are the times when writing your thoughts and emotions down in a journal can make you feel relieved.

Do you feel a sudden bout of creativity going through your head randomly?… Try capturing it down before you forget it and come back to it when you feel a need for some inspiration.

11. Cleaning and organizing

This is my personal favorite. A messy place can be a reason for you to feel low and demotivated. Clean your wardrobe or organize your pantry. Doing so will make you feel that you have accomplished something. A clean and clutter-free place clears out your head and gives you clarity in your thoughts.

12. Food

Have you been struggling to eat healthy but end up eating junk just because you don’t feel motivated enough to cook for yourself?… Follow your favorite chef and try out their recipes or buy a cookbook to inspire you.

Food can be a solid source of inspiration when you feel down or depressed. Just get off the bed and cook a nice meal and enjoy it with your family or friends.

13. Partner/ spouse

Having an understanding and helping partner makes a huge difference. Having a rough patch in your life or just having a bad day, a conversation with your better half heals half of the problem. They can give you a piece of advice that might encourage you to explore the new world in a better way.

So now you have a huge list of ideas that can get you on your feet and help you get through a demotivated moment or situation. There are plenty more that you can seek help from when you hit a rough patch in life.

But remember to find a solution to your problem, don’t bury yourself in the problem so deep that you quit trying to get out of it. 

Inspiration can be found from any corner in the world. A simple ant that persistently tries to climb a wall despite falling down a thousand times can inspire you to try as hard as you can and never quit.
So it is entirely up to you to find a factor that motivates you and turns it into a guiding force.



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