Why should you try online dating ? Do check the facts before making your profile online


Nowadays, the internet has taken over everything. Be it clothes or be it groceries, one can now get almost anything online. So why would dating be any different? With time, even that has shifted online.

Especially now that the pandemic of COVID-19 is at its peak, online dating has proven to be quite helpful for some people. Due to the imposition of a complete lockdown, it has become impossible for people to go out and meet someone new. Thank god for online dating apps like Tinder, OkCupid, Bumble, Happn, etc. because meeting someone new does not necessarily require going out anymore.


But before you enter the world of online dating, it’s better to know the pros and cons of it. This article is here to talk about exactly that. Fingers crossed, you might end up making a profile on one of these apps after reading this article. Who knows?

Now, due to the ongoing pandemic, you won’t be able to do any of this in person anytime soon. Hence, many people have switched to these online dating platforms. There you can see the profile of other people that includes their bio, pictures, titbits of their personal information if they have shared any, etc. and choose the ones that suit your preference.

Now, there are many people out who like to keep it old school and don’t see online dating as their thing which is just fine. But, let’s talk about online dating vs normal dating a little to clarify any further doubts you might be facing regarding the subject.

The thing is that, in normal dating, you have to meet other people in person. If you tend to get nervous while meeting a potential partner, normal dating might prove to be a little tough for you. This is where online dating might come to your rescue as it all starts over text, phone calls, or even video calls.


You can get well-acquainted and comfortable with your match before you two decide to meet up. Apart from this, online dating is quite economical too. Money might not be your biggest concern but it won’t hurt to save a few bucks nevertheless, would it? Subscription of an app, if you opt for it, might be your maximum expense.

Not only this, but there are also several other benefits of online dating, some of which have been listed below:

1. Plenty of fish in the sea


Online dating gives you a wide range of options and brings you matches that suit your preference and interest based on what all information you have feed in the app. Whereas in offline dating, you do not get the chance of meeting numerous people at a time.

2. Safety

You don’t have to leave your comfort zone or the place where you feel the safest. You don’t have to worry about the strange turning out to be some sort of a psychopath and kidnapping you. With online dating, you can take all the time you need to assure yourself that the other person is safe.

3. Fear of Rejection


Getting rejected in public or even in private is not a very good feeling, is it? Fear of getting rejected on the face in public by someone due to something as trivial as their looks or height is one of the major things that people find hard to overcome.

But with online dating, one does not have much to get insecure about. What is the worst that can happen to you? A person might not click on your profile? No doubt, it is nowhere as daunting as getting rejected in public.

4. Time Saver

You don’t necessarily have to fix a time to meet someone new. You can use the app at your leisure and your convenience.

5. Fine-tuned matching algorithm

All you have to do is decide what all qualities you want in your significant half and the app will use its algorithms to bring you the profiles that fulfill your requirements. You can then easily choose from the profiles that are best suited to your preferences.


Admittedly, all the above-mentioned points might sound quite appealing to you and you might be tempted to give online dating a shot right away. But, don’t forget that every coin has two sides. So before you jump onto an app, you should be well aware of the downside of online dating as well.

One of the biggest drawbacks of online dating is the possibility of getting catfished. Catfishing, in simpler words, means posing to be someone you are not with the intent of deceiving others.

Let’s say, for instance, that you find a profile on Tinder whose display picture of a man, who looks around 25 and is excessively good-looking. Now, you might think “Oh my god, he seems like a catch.” and after going through the rest of his profile, you might end up talking to him. You think you are talking to some 25-year-old guy but in reality, he might be some 60-year-old man, posing to be 25 years old or, on the off chance, it might be a woman.

fake-vs- original-person

Kind of lies and pranks people sometimes pull on these apps have no bounds. People pretend to be someone they are not to make others like them or fall for them. People even earn money by catfishing and scamming others on these apps. Having the luxury of hiding behind a screen provides them with the much-needed mask.

There’s more to this. Some people might not be using a fake identity but that doesn’t mean they are everything their profile claims them to be. They might not have the qualities or the kind of personality that their bio says they have. People go the whole nine yards when it comes to looking cool and likable on these dating apps. So it is better that you make sure they are who they claim to be before you take your dating to another level.

Another one of the greatest risks is your personal information getting leaked. It is always better to think twice before sharing anything confidential on these dating apps. Never share any intimate photos, videos, or any other kind of personal information that can threaten you and your public image in any way.


In this regard, you can never be sure enough that the other person is safe. His/her motives behind using this app might be far from merely dating. This does not mean that none of the users are trustworthy. Just that being over-trusting on these sites has never brought anyone much good.

The final decision lies in your hands. Go for online dating if you think it is your thing after knowing its pros and cons both. You might find just the one you have been looking for, who knows?

And if online dating still isn’t what you want, offline dating is always going to be there for you, just not during this pandemic. In any case, may each one of you find your soul mate.

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